12 Nov 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Hugh P. Fiscel

The 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War was a moment I wanted to mark in some way, and the obvious place to do so was at my local cemetery: Congressional. I needed some hook for this, though, and after some time spent searching the web, I discovered that there was at […]

07 Nov 2018


Hill’s Eye View: Equal Opportunity

We’re all equal, ya know? Even the aliens among us. Thanks @monikerdc for this photo that reminds of the gem that is Mr. Henry’s. Amidst the fancy spots on Capitol Hill, this tried-and-true watering hole has been serving up drinks and pub fare since 1966. Don’t forget about their live music lineup! Please tag your […]

06 Nov 2018

Election 2018:

Vote today!

To those of you waiting in the rain to vote, I SALUTE YOU! Here are a few links to make your decision easier: Find your polling place here: https://www.dcboe.org/FAQS/Polling-Places ANC Candidate statements: https://thehillishome.com/2018/10/early-voting-starts-today/ DC State Board of Education: Incumbent Joe Weedon and Challenger Jessica Sutter Ward 6 Councilmember: Incumbent Charles Allen and Challenger Michael Bekesha DC Shadow […]

05 Nov 2018


Are you a creative type? Application Deadlines coming up for Capital Fringe Festival

Do you keep your dramatic side a secret? Is there a seed for a dramatic work bouncing around in your head?  You’re just the kind of creative type the Fringe Festival is looking for the Fringe Run Venue. Participation in the Fringe Festival is an opportunity for you to develop your work in a competitive, […]

05 Nov 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Small-Pox Hospital

Smallpox is, thankfully, no longer an issue today. With two strains deep-frozen in freezers in Moscow and Atlanta, we do not have to worry about a disease that kills 30% of all afflicted any more. Even in 19th Century Washington, it was no longer the death-bringer it had been, as vaccines had been developed even before […]

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