27 Oct 2020
26 Oct 2020


Lost Capitol Hill: The State of the Old Hall

Last week, we looked at the use and misuse of the old chamber of the House of Representatives after those gentlemen departed to their new chamber in the south wing of the Capitol. Today will be about the results of this abuse. On April 19, 1964, Representative Justin Morrill, whose main claim to fame is […]

19 Oct 2020


Lost Capitol Hill: The Old Hall of the House of Representatives

A month ago, I began writing about the state of the Capitol in the mid-19th century, starting with a look at the state of the floor at the time Charles Dickens visited. The Capitol was, doubtlessly, far less clean than it is today. It was also, as we will see today, far more of a […]

17 Oct 2020


Obituary: Jim Zinn (1964 – 2020)

You probably saw him around the Hill, pedaling a bicycle with an enormous black box on the front, a box from which he would remove all manner of equipment that allowed him to fix whatever had gone wrong in Capitol Hill row house. Or maybe you even were one of the lucky ones whose house […]

16 Oct 2020


A New Museum for Capitol Hill

One of my favorite museums in D.C. is also the one I least get to take my groups to: The National Museum of the U.S. Navy. Tucked inside the Washington Navy Yard at the southern end of Barracks Row, it lays out the 245 year history of those who have fought for our country on […]

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