05 Aug 2020


Want Little Wild Farm greens! YES! And with a discount code, MORE YES!

You may have seen their delightful posts on Instagram or tried any of their amazing microgreens or salad greens. Many of you may have even subscribed to Little Wild Things Farm’s salad share in the past. Starting August 19, Little Wild Things Farm’s Salad Share program kicks off and offers you eight weeks of salad-making goodness […]

04 Aug 2020


Hill Buzz

Hi there, Capitol Hill! How are things? Sure, it’s thunderstormy around here, but life keeps rolling by at the same weird pace that’s now become our new normal. What’s going on? The District of Columbia Public Schools will be virtual at least through November 6, the end of the first term. The news was not […]

03 Aug 2020


Lost Capitol Hill: An Airship at the Capitol

It was about 1 p.m. on an otherwise normal day on Capitol Hill in June of 1906 when the cry went up: “The elephant has come.” Members of Congress, visitors, and workers all sprang to action. In a committee room on the west front of the Capitol, Representative Olcott of New York adjourned his hearing […]

27 Jul 2020


Lost Capitol Hill: The Subway Shooter

Shootings in the Capitol have a long and sordid history. From the shooting of Ex-Representative Taulbee by Charles Kincaid to the attack by Puerto Rican separatists on the House of Representatives, to the shooting of officers Gibson and Chestnut, the Capitol is no stranger to violence. There is one incident, however, that stands out, mainly […]

20 Jul 2020


Lost Capitol Hill: Lincoln and Adams Pt2

Last week, I introduced the story that Abraham Lincoln, well before he was President, had been involved in the funeral of his predecessor John Quincy Adams. I also recounted Lincoln’s repudiation of the story. Today, a closer look at what really happened Despite not being a member of the sub-committee that actually made the decisions […]

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