14 Jun 2016


Happy Flag Day! VOTE!

Just a gentle reminder to GET OUT THERE AND VOTE, PEOPLE! While we would rather eat a bag of something unsavory rather than think about our national election and the awful backbiting and bickering involved, we strongly encourage you to turn in a vote for our local elections– especially the At-Large councilmember seat. Here at […]

09 Jan 2013

Dear President Obama: Can We Talk About Your License Plate?

Whether or not you believe that DC should be granted statehood, I think that there is a case for raising awareness that the more than half-a-million residents of the Nation’s Capital pay more federal taxes every year per person, yet they lack voting representation in Congress. Heck, we don’t even get a final say on […]

14 Apr 2011

6 Questions with John Klenert

I know this feature is usually called “5 Questions” but I couldn’t choose one to cut out. On Monday evening, John Klenert was arrested with 40 others (including Mayor Vincent Gray and Ward 6 councilmember Tommy Wells) for protesting on Constitution Avenue in response to the Congressional Budget Compromise. John is a long time activist […]

12 Apr 2011

Reader Poll: Do you want DC statehood?

As you may or may not have heard, our councilmember, Mayor and several others were arrested yesterday for civil disobedience during a protest over a federal spending plan.  The issue: the Federal Government can basically override any decision DC makes about how to spend its own money.  We could argue over abortion and school vouchers, […]

12 Apr 2011

Civil Disobedience on the Hill

The act of sitting down is so commonplace, it is relatively meaningless. But here is some footage (courtesy of TBD.com) that, if you are a District resident and have felt frustrated by the federal intrusion in our District life, will make you rethink the meaning of sitting down while standing up for us all: Giving […]

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