20 Mar 2024


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The blossoms always capture our minds and hearts and this lovely capture by @aquinsta feels like part of a dream sequence. Keep tagging us on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

Y’all, could we have planned a more perfect Cherry Blossom season? The fluffy monarchs of spring opened a little early, sure. Peak bloom came (as predicted by yours truly) this past weekend–– Sunday, March 17 to be precise. But then the low temperatures settled in and what we’ve had is just an enduring canopy of blush and bashful. AND STUMPY!

If you’re going to the Tidal Basin or around town to take in the beauty and drama, please be respectful and considerate. Don’t use the trees to do pull-ups! Don’t let your kids climb up the delicate trees! And don’t tear blossoms off the tree! For more tips on how to enjoy the blossoms with your kids, Kid-Friendly DC has your back. Also DON’T DRIVE TO THE BLOSSOMS.

The lineup and new venue have both been announced for Broccoli City Festival in July: Megan Thee Stallion, among others, will be the headliner and the concerts will take place at Audi Field on July 27 and 28. Big news! NBC Washington

After so many takes focusing on how much better Secure DC is than its notorious predecessor, reading the World Socialist Web Site take on it feels like taking crazy pills. But this in particular gives us pause: “The root social causes of crime—poverty and increased costs of living—are nowhere to be found in the bill…Instead, the bill advocates punitive measures to crack down on the poorest layers of the population.” 

Tony Tomelden, owner of The Pug, pens an opinion for District Dig, focusing on just how hard and frustrating the initiative to remove tipped wages has been on small businesses. A poignant quote: “I’m trying to let you in on how overwhelming it is for small business owners right now. Fees to help manage I-82? Not hugely popular, but the route a lot of operators are taking. Why? Because they’re just trying to figure out how the fuck to survive.” 

Newsflash: Homes in our area are languishing a little. And by “languishing,” I mean they are not selling in hours, spending instead about 31 days on the market. Urban Turf

Jonetta Rose Barras takes a look at the Wards 1 and 6 recall campaigns and remembers when we all seemed to be pro-Black Lives Matter. The DC Line

Let’s keep Nats Park in tip-top shape AND in DC. WTOP

Stream restoration? Yes! The Washington Informer has more on the local streams and creek projects that aren’t quite in our neck of the woods but affect us.

More Hill Restaurant Group closures imminent? Seems that way, from the way managing partner Tom Johnson said to Washington Business Journal, speaking about the recent closure of Stadium Sports. Incidentally, it appears that Hill Restaurant Group’s Tom Johnson passed away a couple of weeks ago in a car accident, but we have been unable to obtain additional information about it. Will keep you posted.

A spotlight on Sweet Lemon Cafe and its owner, Aksana Tran. Capital News Service

I Egg You knows you’re hungover. (Is it the sunglasses-on-top-of-glasses look?) Eater

It’s always sweet to see DC through the eyes of someone finding themselves here for the first time. FIU News

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