08 Feb 2024

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The New Folger Café Needs a Name

Rendering of what the café at the Great Hall will look like once it’s operational. Screen capture via the Folger Shakespeare Library.

As you may know, the Folger Shakespeare Library has been under construction for some time. Now that the building is nearly complete and looking to open on June 21, the café –– which is a new fixture and concept, allowing patrons to come hang out, work at and enjoy the Folger Great Hall,–– needs a name! That’s where we all come in: Now through 11:59 p.m. on February 12, click on this link and give your input as to what the new name should be. Should we go for “By Any Other Name,” echoing Romeo and Juliet? How about A Midsummer’s Night Snack? Maybe “Sack and Sugar” in honor of Henry IV? Or “Sweets to the Sweet” from Hamlet? Ok maybe that one is a little too ghoulish (“Sweets” refers to funeral bouquets in this case). Either way, click here to send your best and most iambically-pentametered names and may the most poetic one win!

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