18 Jan 2023


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It is the best of times; it is the worst of times. What has this third week of January drug in?

In news that may shock no one who was active on Twitter on the eve of January 6, the Washington Post reveals that online and social media threats were downplayed by the January 6 report. They pussyfooted around the issue for “fear of offending Republicans and tech companies.”

Incidentally, the DePaulia has an article with parallels between January 6 and January 8 in Brasilia. “Both insurrections illuminate how politicians’ stigmatization of the electoral process continuously poses a threat to democracy amid the continuous hyperpolarization of the political parties.” 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shared reporting by Dirt — a blog that specializes in real estate– on Senator Raphael Warnock’s new digs. Now, both outlets refer to Sen. Warnock’s house as being in a neighborhood called, “Old City Capitol Hill.” We pause here to roll our eyes. The house, located a few blocks away from Maury Elementary, is located in a neighborhood dubbed by the Office of Tax and Revenue as “Old City 1.” This is one of those names that lives in the database and gets trotted out from time to time when there is a need to create a new neighborhood so a listing sounds sexier, perhaps? We are so happy Senator Warnock is a Hill East resident, and we hope he loves his new home and neighborhood as much as we love ours. And yes, we fully embrace that Hill East is also a made-up name.

Speaking of places that call themselves Capitol Hill but are more Hill-adjacent, the new Washington Marriott Capitol Hill opened exactly a week ago… in NoMa. We get it: for out-of-towners, NoMa holds little to no meaning, whereas the Hill does. Either way, the hotel sounds lovely. Franchising.com

Popular or not (and that is an issue that continues to be debated ad nauseam on the Tweets), the Revised Criminal Code Act of 2021 is passing, after the Council of DC overrode Mayor Bowser’s veto. We think it’s disingenuous of the Mayor to choose this time to share her objections and veto a bill that’s been in the works for two years as a bill (as its name indicates), and for much longer in committee. She has been Mayor this whole time, so why not speak up about those objections sooner? And if you agree with “95 percent of the bill, and there’s certainly a lot to commend,” according to the Post Editorial Board, then why not have worked with the Council during earlier stages? WTOP

As details emerge in the horrifying story of Ana Walshe (WaPo), who appears to have been murdered by husband Brian, the New York Post shares local gossip… from DC. As it turns out, Ana Walshe used to work for Tishman Speyer, an agency that manages Crossing, the same building where the fake Federal agents were caught back in April of this year (WUSA-9), and a few people who live in the building didn’t think much of her. We just think this is all extremely tragic and sad, especially as the Walshes have three children under age 6.

Long-time Hill resident Ann Richards — who used to work at the wonderful and much-missed The Forecast on 7th Street SE– has passed away. If you knew Ann or know of someone who did, share her lovely obituary with them. Ann’s friends and family ask that if you want to honor her, to make a donation to the Capitol Hill Community Foundation in her name. Dignity Memorial

Urban Turf takes a look at the new developments cropping up around H Street. If you thought the corridor was already pretty developed, think again. There is much coming, especially east, where H Street becomes Benning Road.

Really excited to see Chef Marcelle, whose Shababi Chicken pop-ups have been bringing the joy of Palestinian chicken to stomachs across the region, is popping up at 1320 H Street NE, inside Please Bring Chips, starting on January 26. Washingtonian has more details. You can buy tickets here.
Incidentally, Please Bring Chips is my family’s love language.

Another gustatory excitement coming to H Street? Eater DC reports that Slutty Vegan, a vegan burger chain based in Atlanta that attracts the rich and famous, is coming north! Slutty Vegan’s owner, Pinky Cole, announced the new location, at 1246 H Street NE, via Instagram.

1246 H Street NE, via Pinky Cole’s Instagram

And before we forget! Pacci’s, which has been a much-awaited eatery at the eastern end of Lincoln Park, will be opening HOPEFULLY around the first week of February. Get excited!

The Washington Post’s Real Estate section, which may have much to answer for in the same way as the Editorial Board, waxes rhapsodic on Barracks Row, which they treat as its own neighborhood for purposes of this piece. It’s a very nice piece, but I can’t just put my finger on why it feels a little contrived, too. Exactly how many times can we rename the same neighborhoods, anyway?

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