21 Dec 2022


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Hey everyone! Well, after almost three years of standing strong, I finally came down with COVID and it was every bit as miserable as I’d heard it is. A nasty experience, 0/10, do not recommend. Reminder: the Federal government is giving out free tests through the mail. Click here to receive four free tests per household. Avoid this as much as possible. Stay healthy this winter!

What else is going on this third week of December, 2022?

Map and artwork via the New York Times

Axios recently highlighted an interactive map by the New York Times, using research data from UC Berkeley, focusing on the climate impact of neighborhoods across the United States. Let’s just say that while we’re not as negatively impactful as some of the wealthier enclaves in our area (or Reservation 13?!), we could do better than Navy Yard. We assume this might have to do with housing density, in terms of single-family homes versus large apartment buildings. Check the map here.

It’s official: Metro will be free for DC residents as soon as the middle of next year after a unanimous vote during yesterday’s council session and it’s truly wonderful news. Expect to see a $100 subsidy for residents as early as 2024 as well. We can’t wait for this equitable, caring piece of legislation that focuses on making transportation truly accessible and hopefully more pleasant and reliable to be used as a nasty conservative talking point. CM Charles Allen

Recently, MPD Capitain Tatjana Savoy was transferred from the First to the Second District. She introduced her replacement, Captain Sherrelle Williams, as sector 2 captain via email. Sector 2 comprises PSAs 104, 107 and 108 and roughly matches up with the Capitol Hill/Hill East area (map). Captain Savoy said the following in her farewell email:

Sector 2 has seen an overall decrease in crime year-to-date of 6%. Collaborative efforts of MPD and multiple DC government agencies within the Nightlife Task Force has made a great impact with regards to criminal activity and public safety along the H Street Northeast corridor.    

ANC Commissioner Denise Krepp was recently profiled by Fox News as a Democrat calling out other Democrats for being too soft on crime.

The entrance in question. Photo via PoPville

PoPville shares a photo documenting a blocked entrance to the 14th Street Safeway. It appears to be the souther entrance, closer to E Street SE. The reader asks whether this might be a fire hazard. We imagine this might be more of a theft deterrent than anything else, but the question about safety during emergency exiting lingers in the air.

Nevin Martell tastes and raves about Hill East Burger. WCP

Let’s welcome a wonderful, inspiring new mural to the collection. Transgender rights advocate Earline Budd was honored with her likeness on the side of the Atlas Performing Arts Center. Hers is the latest to be unveiled in the “Allery” off Linden Court, in the 1300 block of H Street. Looking regal, Ms. Budd. Washington Blade

Welp, we remember when the GAIA mural went up on the side of what used to be Smith Commons. The weird rooster-headed person revealing a serene scene within was so very H Street– and it will now belong to the ages, as it’s been painted over. You know what they say–– nothing cock can stay. PoPville

And speaking of old problems and new problems, The New York Times focuses on newly-minted congressman Maxwell Frost’s problems with bad credit and the obstacle that it created while on his search for an apartment as a typically Gen Z problem. Alas, anyone who’s been forced to extend their credit for whatever reason knows this is not a generational problem but a generational lack of wealth problem. We hope Congressman Frost found a nice place close to his new job.

Northwest One had its ribbon-cutting ceremony this week and it looks nice. We will hold our tongue regarding any failures or poor upkeep or inherent problems waiting to be discovered by residents: Right now, we celebrate along with the residents, who’ve waited far too long to call the corner of North Capitol and L Streets NW home again. DCist has some of their stories.

Everything old is new again and apparently Younger Millennials and Gen Z have discovered Panettone, the sophisticated Italian step-sister to fruitcake. Eater has devoted a whole article to where you can find it around the DC area (other than at Trader Joe’s, we suppose) and we’re going to save you time and tell you to just go to Radici, because you were probably going to go there for some wine anyway.

And in what we hope is a trend that continues, H Street will soon welcome its first non-alcoholic bar. Alcoholism is so socially acceptable in DC, it’s good to see people making spaces for people who want to do the socialization and the networking without the constant pressure of having to consume alcohol. Welcome Binge Bar! NBC-4

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