08 Nov 2022


Hill Buzz

Ella makes sure no dangerous birds are attacking Capitol Hill. (RSP)

It’s Election Day and we need to acknowledge our nervousness for the future of the country. It’s moments like these that underscore the frustration of not being fully represented in Congress. Anyway, if you are looking for our voting guide, click here.

The violence in our area keeps increasing and while there are many repeated calls to action and false claims that the DC Police Department has not been funded enough (it has, though expenditure has flattened, and MPD overspends every year anyway), the truth of the matter is that it’s young kids who disproportionately perpetrate crime. At some point, we need to take a hard look at the city’s priorities: Are we making this city an affordable place to live so our police force want to live where they work? Are we caring enough for our young people and focusing on stimulating them in a positive way so they don’t turn to crime? These are all hard things to reckon with, and the answer is not a silver bullet (and it’s definitely not a bullet).

Two kids were shot in Southwest DC this weekend. WUSA-9

Yesterday, shots were fired around 15th and Pennsylvania SE and a pedestrian was run over by the driver of a car trying to get away from the scene of the crime. WUSA-9

A pedestrian was struck at North Capitol and H Street NE yesterday morning. This closed H Street westbound for several hours. PoPville and THIH

Ironically, ANC 6C recently discussed safety concerns along the H Street corridor in their latest meeting, although the safety concerns were more along the public safety lines. Hill Rag
However, walking and biking safely is also a public safety issue, and until there is a dedicated streetcar lane or other traffic calming measures, H Street NE will continue to be a very chaotic street.

Great reporting from the Washington Blade on Initiative 82, which is an intensely complex issue.

Show of Hands finally opened at The Roost and Washingtonian has the scoop.

Hyde Speakeasy, formerly named Side Door Speakeasy, is opening in the old Harold Black spot, above Harvest Tide on 7th Street SE. However, they are reconsidering the name Side Door because…. well, it’s deeply unoriginal. PoPVille
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