30 Aug 2022


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As long as we have bread, we’ll all be okay. Beautiful loaf and photo by @plateby.millet on Instagram via our hashtag #thehillishome

Crime is still a big deal around these parts– especially youth violence. Here at THIH, we get social media messages from neighbors that range the gamut from angry with government officials to annoyed that their friends don’t want to visit. The problem is not just a Democrat-run city problem, but many in our community are frustrated by police alternatives such as violence interruptors, which can be a mixed bag, according to some studies. But what do successful police alternatives look like? This scholarly article from Rice University and a guide from the CDC are two great places to start. The evidence is clear: Kids need stable environments and opportunities to escape violence. Want to feel like you can make a difference right now in our community? Help a mutual aid organization like Serve Your City/Ward 6 Mutual Aid. You can donate money or talents to helping kids thrive.

Okay, so with all that future reading for you enqueued, what’s happening?

Two teens shot Commanders’ rookie running back Brian Robinson Jr. on Sunday afternoon outside of Crabboss on H Street NE. NBC-4.

The night before, around midnight, a man was shot while walking along the 1300 block of H Street NE. He is also expected to survive. A few blocks over from where Robinson was shot, Julia Salsich left her car running in the 1300 block of H. Her dog, Franklin, was aboard the car and a man stole both and has yet to be found. WUSA-9.
If you see Franklin, email jcsalsich@gmail.com.

Additionally, later on Sunday night/Monday early morning, there was a stabbing in the 700 block of H Street NE. The victim, a woman, suffered non-life threatening injuries. Hill Rag.

Naturally, the shooting of the Commanders’ RB has attracted national attention. The Washington Post provides background and commentary on H Street NE.

Last night, there was also an armed carjacking at 13th and Potomac, per an MPD notification.

And late last week, neighbor Iris Gill stopped a would-be mugger cold in his tracks when she confronted him. A moment of sheer courage, but also just a little terrifying. Washington Times

Finally, beware of a man, possibly in a blue SUV, asking for directions: there have been several reports of a flasher using that tactic.

Yesterday, the District of Columbia Public Schools welcomed the kids back to school and Mayor Bowser celebrated a new year and a new modernization by cutting the ribbon at School Within School at Goding, which has gained additional square footage and indoor/outdoor spaces. You can read the official press release from the Mayor’s office here.

Right before the ribbon-cutting, there was an event to encourage parents to slow down for children. There was a similar one last year near Eliot-Hine Middle School. We appreciate the push to get people to slow down, but the best way to do that is to actually put traffic calming solutions that slow down drivers in place. F Street NE is a chaotic Mad Max dystopia where double-parking and road rage is rampant. No one is going to slow down for a cute sign.

In more fun news, the former Wendy’s at Dave Thomas Circle, intersection of New York, Florida and First Streets NE, will get murals! The festival, which up until last year was known as Pow!Wow!, will start on September 7. DCist

In very exciting restaurant news, Duffy’s Irish Pub, which left their H Street home a little under a year ago but vowed to return, is back in this part of town! They will be part of the Park Kennedy complex, 1905 C Street SE, and will be a skip and a hop off Stadium-Armory metro.

Finally, we’re pretty sure you heard New Zealand singer Lorde took a dip in the Potomac to “get a feel for DC,” according to NPR’s Natalie Escobar. We wanted to know if you’d swim in our river and made a poll so you can vote. The poll is also available on Instagram, if you’d rather vote over there:

Axios highlights a home on Capitol Hill for $849,899 and they are calling it hot. We call it cute and tiny, but you know… potayto, potahto.

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