10 Aug 2022


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It’s true! Rustin will be filming around Eastern Market. See below for more info or tap here to read. Photo by our friends at @easternmarket_dc

Hey, it’s finally time to bring back the Hill Buzz. After a few weeks of taking a break and recovering, it’s time. What’s been going on? Do you like reading a weekly news round-up with a hyperlocal focus? Let me know at info@thehillishome.com

We have a humanitarian crisis in our backyard: Governors from Texas and Arizona have been sending migrants ––most of which are seeking asylum–– in buses to DC and more recently to New York City. The sheer volume of people arriving at Union Station has overwhelmed local volunteer networks. (DCist). Mayor Bowser recently requested the DC National Guard’s help but was denied late last week (NBC-4). Over 6,100 migrants have been bused to DC from Texas alone (NPR). Want to help? SAMU First Response is handling the lion’s share of the humanitarian assistance and you can donate directly. You can always send donations to your local churches and local group Good Neighbors of Capitol Hill is actively collecting and distributing your donations. Washingtonian has additional help resources in this post.

At a hyperlocal level, our humanitarian crisis looks like this: Violence regularly occurs at neighborhood apartment complexes where section 8 vouchers are accepted, such as the Azeeze Bates apartments at 15th and F Streets Northeast, where Lance Melvin, 24, was killed last week and six other people were shot. (WTOP) This is a particularly heinous incident, but it is unfortunately not isolated. Places like Hopkins Apartments and Potomac Gardens are regularly affected by a combination of endemic violence and inaction that needs to change. It’s more than just unfortunate that people in our community who need rent assistance are also disproportionately subjected to violence when they are just trying to live their lives. AG Karl Racine has tried to implement change, but it’s slow coming (DCist).

Are you children returning to school soon? Make sure you read this post from At-Large council member Robert White on his ongoing struggle to keep DGS accountable and classrooms comfortable. Eye-opener: There are more than one hundred schools, out of a total of 116, with unresolved HVAC issues as of August 9. Office of CM Robert White

Incidentally, in his post, CM White shares an HVAC Dashboard that DGS is maintaining. In it, you can see which schools have open tickets. Access it here.

Neighbors around the Stanton Park area do actively want Pupatella Pizza to open in the former Romeo and Juliet/White Tiger space. They just don’t want there to be the possibility that the pizza place is able to stay open until 3 a.m. The Hill Rag reports on ANC 6C’s planned protest at their July meeting. While it’s understandable that a restaurant would want more flexibility in their opening and closing schedule even if they don’t act on it, this is a hard sell when your establishment backs into a residential street.

For fans of oxtails and jollof rice (me), Sweet Sweet Kitchen recently opened at the 500 block of H Street NE, at the former…. well, there have been many restaurants at that corner, let’s be honest. But it was Micho’s for a few years. Source of the Spring has more details.

Of local interest to those living closer to monuments: WAMU’s Jacob Fenston did a great story on how DC’s design ––with large park areas in the areas most prone to flooding–– accidentally protects residents from the worst storm surge damage. Interested in learning more about flood preparedness? DC Water has a task force that will be meeting virtually starting August 12. Click here for more information.

According to the Washington Post, our water table is increasingly more saline and frogs no longer live in many of our smaller streams and waterways. This is a huge problem and it appears not to have an easy solution.

WalletHub says the DC region is where inflation is growing 18th fastest in the nation. Puzzlingly, according to LendingTree, we’re also buying A LOT of luxury cars in the area. (The most popular luxury car? BMW.) What do these two things have to do with one another? I’m not entirely sure and would love an explanation.

Don’t forget! It’s Ward 6 Week and there are plenty of fun activities for you to enjoy! Check out our post about it here.

By the way, the Netflix biopic Rustin is shooting at Eastern Market on August 11. Swing by to poke around and support our wonderful local market! Just be aware that there will not be a lot of parking, and none in the back.

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