15 Jun 2022


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Happy mid-June, neighbors! We’ve made it to that “inside of a mouth” time of year, where parts of your body you didn’t know had sweat glands, do. What is going on?

First off, the January 6 hearings started last week. Here are a few links to go along with your watching experience:

  • If you’re looking for a schedule of hearings, you can find it via Deadline.
  • If you want to watch a hearing again, PBS NewsHour’s YouTube has a full playlist, which you can find here. (Note: The hearings are items 22 and 25 on the playlist, so scroll down.)
  • You may also enjoy this short and excellent piece on ProPublica about whether the hearings have the ability to change minds and public opinion.
  • If you want to participate in an oral history project about January 6, you can submit your story to the United States Capitol Historical Society’s project.
  • Finally, if feelings of sadness, stress and overwhelm flood you while watching the hearings, please know that you’re not alone, and that mental health professionals can help you. The Hill dedicated a story to just how traumatizing this all has been and continues to be. They also shared this link on how to cope with traumatic events.

Neighbors in ANC 6A04 want to recall the current SMD commissioner, Amber Gove, because they disagree with the design of the bike lanes and the soon-to-be one-way 1300 block of North Carolina Avenue NE. The news was first shared by Martin Austermuhle on Twitter. This design was not part of the C Street redesign and was unanimously approved by all of ANC 6A. I have reached out both to Amber and to the neighbors filing the recall petition and will hopefully have a longer post later in the week. In the meantime, you can read about this particular project here.

Remember how last week, Commanders’ defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio had a dismissive, bad take on the January 6 “dust-up”? Well, since then he’s been fined $100k, had to delete his Twitter and has apologized (WaPo). But the NAACP wants him out of the league, according to The Shadow League.

One of the first mass timber buildings in the country is almost nearing full tenant capacity (at over 70% full) and project completion. 80 M Street SE is made of a new, more sustainable and strong wood product that is a solid (no pun intended) alternative to steel and concrete. Bisnow has more details.

Sonya Champ was found dead inside a shopping cart close to Union Station last year. She was the victim of Anthony Robinson, who appears to be a serial killer and who has been linked to at least two other bodies in Virginia. Washington Post

Brazen robbers take detergent from the Giant at 3rd and H Streets NE last week. A resident filmed video until the petty thieves threatened to hurt him if he didn’t stop. All in all, they took over $1200 of detergent. It’s unclear whether the person filming, any of the employees, the security guards posted outside the store, or the police who frequent that corner made an attempt to stop the theft. Hmmm. WJLA-7

Councilmember Charles Allen’s latest Ward 6 update included links to the final ANC and Ward boundaries. Read the update here and check out the maps here and here.


As you start making your choices in the primary, don’t forget we have YouTube conversations with Robert White and James Butler for mayor, as well as Erin Palmer and Phil Mendelson for council chair. You may also want to check out this quirky guide from the folks at Axios and another one from WUSA-9. Previously, we’ve also shared a guide by the Washington Post and here is one more from DCist. (Heads-up to our readers in Ward 3: The field just got a lot smaller). Confused about how to vote and when? AFRO has a great “refresher mini-course.” If you want to base your decision on where, geographically, the candidates live, we went ahead and found out where candidates for AG, at-large and Council Chair live here on Twitter. Just to be thorough, Robert White lives in Ward 4 as does incumbent Mayor Bowser. Trayon White lives in Ward 8.

Earlier today, Mayoral hopeful Trayon White took to social media to protest why someone received a $1000-dollar ticket from the city (@oucmecalling311). Councilmember White not only partially shared information about the vehicle, but neglected to point out that the well-over-22′ work vehicle had Maryland plates and was overnighting on a DC street. We feel that a candidate who incorrectly berates a District agency for doing their job is not ready to be Mayor.

As a reminder, Election Day is June 21, and it is a primary election– meaning that these are designed to reduce the field of candidates within a party. According to the Board of Elections, as of April 30, over 76% of the District is registered Democratic; therefore the primary round generally determines the outcome of the November election. (While I realize many of you work in politics and can recite this in your sleep, you’d be surprised how many people are at least a little confused on this issue at a local level.)


WATER THOSE TREES! All trees need water, but especially younger trees. If you see a recently-planted tree, give it some water as often as you can while it gets established! And if you see a neglected tree, send us a picture and a location to info@thehillishome.com, so we can highlight it in our new feature, “Water the damn trees, please.”

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