01 Jun 2022


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Hey everyone. It’s our second day of 90+ degree weather. How are things?

Happy Pride Month! No better way to celebrate the beauty of our diversity than with this capture by @pharipedia of as you are in Barracks Row. Tag your photos #thehillishome for a chance to be featured.

For starters, schools aren’t doing great. As it happens every year, neglected classrooms across the District suffer in both the cold and the rising heat. WUSA-9 followed up with a teacher who took to social media to complain about the high temperatures in her classroom. Councilmember Robert White’s office looked into the situation and today she reported that she had two new window units. But not all schools have been as lucky, as SWS at Goding shows us:

A child was hit by a truck driver this morning around 7:15 a.m., while the child was crossing Pennsylvania Avenue SE at Potomac Avenue. The worst part? It appears that this intersection may not be overhauled for a long time, according to ANC commissioner Corey Holman. How can a project of utmost importance along one of the busiest streets and major transportation hub be on year 19 of a revamping process?

The Washington Post reports that the fate of the RFK site is, in the words of Eleanor Holmes Norton, “…stuck on stupid here — I can’t move until they move.” As it turns out, a standstill between Mayor Bowser and Chairman Phil Mendelson has made all plans for the crumbling former stadium and surrounding land grind to a halt. Mayor Bowser has not hid her agenda of wanting the Commanders to return to DC, which Mendelson and many in the council oppose. Meanwhile, who loses? DC residents who’ve been clamoring for more affordable housing on that site for years. Nothing new under the sun. Meanwhile, WTOP reports all sorts of wonderful things that are due to come to the RFK grounds thanks to budget funding…. someday.

Speaking of elections, one Bradley Tusk is spending a lot of money to create negative campaign ads targeted at Charles Allen, who is running for re-election unopposed. Why target Allen? Because he won’t entertain mobile voting and has so far not even held a hearing about it, citing that there are too many security issues. More over at Washington City Paper.

The homeless encampments have been cleared from Union Station as of this morning. Journalists, outreach volunteers and workers with mutual aid organizations helped these neighbors move their belongings. The saddest thing? Many of these people will end up moving to another encampment, as they do not feel safe in the city’s shelters, nor do they qualify for permanent supportive housing, per WAMU’s Martin Austermuhle‘s tweet.

Looking for the District pool and spray park schedules going forward? Click here and here.

Election Links

As you start making your choices in the primary, don’t forget we have YouTube conversations with Robert White and James Butler for mayor, as well as Erin Palmer for chairwoman of the council. You may also want to check out this quirky guide from the folks at Axios and another one from WUSA-9. Previously, we’ve also shared a guide by the Washington Post.

As a reminder, Election Day is June 21, and it is a primary election– meaning that these are designed to reduce the field of candidates within a party. According to the Board of Elections, as of April 30, over 76% of the District is registered Democratic; therefore the primary round generally determines the outcome of the November election. (While I realize many of you work in politics and can recite this in your sleep, you’d be surprised how many people are at least a little confused on this issue at a local level.)

On the light side: Who doesn’t love a good listicle? Lawn Love declared us the seventh best city for runners in the nation, despite days like this one. I guess when you have miles of gorgeous views and not a lot of elevation, you rank pretty high. Alas, we did not crack the top ten of best cities for staycations according to Wallet Hub, ranking at a rather puzzling number 23, which is bananas because have you seen our museums, gorgeous hotels and world-class restaurants? (Aside: Honolulu is number one, but Pearl City, Hawaii ––which happens to be a 20-minute drive from downtown Honolulu and is located within the city and county of Honolulu–– ranked dead last. Huh? How does that work, Wallet Hub?)

Reminder: WATER THOSE TREES! All trees need water, but especially younger trees. If you see a recently-planted tree, give it some water as often as you can while it gets established! And if you see a neglected tree, send us a picture and a location to info@thehillishome.com, so we can highlight it in our new feature, “Water the damn trees, please.”

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