19 Apr 2022


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Springtime in DC is often a crazy affair, with scorching high temps and low, low dips: There’s something for everyone. We asked you what you thought about the latest cold dip and this is what you had to say:

Twitter poll from 4/18/22

Reader @OldTimeDC reminded us not to bother doing any summer planting before May 1. So, be ye warned! What else is going on?

For starters, the mask mandate seems to be a thing of the past everywhere, starting with Metro:

Many of you mentioned that despite the official announcement, there is not a lot of enforcement on the system to begin with; however, according to a Barred in DC poll, 73% of 794 voters said they’d keep masking up while riding Metro. Nice.

You may remember that Officer Brian Sicknick died the day after the January 6 attacks and among the many injuries he sustained, he was sprayed by some chemical agent (NPR). Looks like James Mault and Cody Mattice have had a plea hearing date set for deploying chemical spray on J6 and we wonder if it has to do with Ofc. Sicknick. More from CBS’s Scott MacFarlane (we asked him but haven’t heard back):

Yesterday on Twitter, we talked about this DC-plated car, which was not only parked illegally on the sidewalk, but upon a quick perusal online, was discovered to owe over $10,000 in all manner of infractions:

This conversation also revealed that many of you don’t know it’s possible to receive a ticket for running a yellow light. More information in this short tweet thread. Click through to access it or click on these two links to learn more:

Do you have a budding art business? DCRA is offering a workshop that might interest you, on Wednesday, April 20. Sign up here.

Dave Statter, a former reporter who now dedicates himself to reporting EMS-related news, shares this shocking story from earlier in the week, where a call for help placed near Kenilworth Gardens in Ward 7 was erroneously redirected to M Street SE on the other side of the Anacostia River. Read through this whole thread here. It’s especially baffling to know that Mayor Bowser decided to reappoint Karima Holmes as director of the Office of United Communications–– a post from which Holmes resigned in January of 2021, after her management yielded an audit that revealed major problems in the organization. (WTOP)

The Michelin Guide just released their newest additions to the list and it’s great to see local businesses like Daru joining such a prestigious company.

PoPVille has a missed connection from yesterday at Sidamo. Were you wearing a black vest and do you have “poppin’ curls”? Click through and check it out.

The DC Police Union recently launched a strongly-worded ad against Councilmembers Charles Allen and Phil Mendelson, blaming them for the recent spike in crime. NBC Washington has more details. Union chair Gregg Pemberton has been very vocal about oversight of police. Last summer he penned an opinion for the Washington Post, justifying less strict oversight of police, arguing that second-guessing police actions, especially on social media, undermines police actions such as striking suspects when carrying out an arrest. He’s also referred to police reform as a “hangover” people will eventually wake up from (Martin Austermuhle on Twitter)

Switching gears, this discussion generated some interesting thoughts over on Twitter. Have you had to deal with poop around your home? You can share on Twitter or over on Instagram stories.

Finally, you may remember that last week, two dog owners had their dogs stolen from them at gunpoint. Pablo, the heterochrome-eyed Australian Shepherd has since been returned, but Bruno, the French Bulldog, is still missing. What makes the story even more shocking? Several people– three teens and four adults– were arrested in connection to the dognapping, but then were swiftly let go. No comment yet from the AG’s office. WJLA

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