05 Apr 2022


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It’s cold, wet and rainy and if you had Kansas in your bracket, you are very happy today. What else is going on?

Think of warmer times. Beautiful capture by @m_e_elwardduffy via @thehillishome. Tag us for a chance to be featured!

First off, if you haven’t read about a neighborhood grassroots effort to buy the building where Mott’s Market operated for decades, click here.

Last week’s most shocking and disturbing news came out of a quiet rowhouse basement in the 400 block of 6th Street SE. Lauren Handy, an anti-abortion activist, was taken into custody and her home was raided by the FBI. The following day, it was announced that she had five human fetuses in her home. No further details as to how or where the fetuses were found –other than “in a cooler”– have been released, but apparently, there are more. Washingtonian has more details on just who Lauren Handy and her group are.

Did you know that if you, a now-former MPD officer, crash your police cruiser while drag racing through residential streets with another officer on duty, you get to pay only a $350 dollar fine? Washington Post

The Wards 6, 7 and 8 redistricting task forces wrapped up late last week and are putting the final touches on their maps. Councilmember Charles Allen stopped in at the Ward 6 meeting, which was received favorably. Councilmember Elissa Silverman attended the Ward 7 meeting and it was not as appreciated. Click through to read the whole thread:

To be fair, west of the river Ward 7 residents were frustrated by their inability to create what sounded like a reasonable standalone ANC that would include Hill East and Rosedale. Unfortunately, they were voted down and a final map that did not include a standalone WOTR ANC was approved by a 16-3 vote.

Quietly and with little fanfare, The Big Board reopened on H Street NE. We can only hope that they also addressed the health violations DC Health found, because, again, good burgers. (Though many of you on Twitter disagree.) WTOP

Also opening quietly but with Twitter fanfare, Nothing Fancy is now open on Barracks Row. Thank you to reader Victoria Bonney for the tag!

This New York Magazine profile on neighbor Secretary Pete is not just a very good read but is also peppered with tasteful #SoDC details that add subtle color to the story. No tacky “blocks from the Capitol” mentions here.

A nice Washington Post profile on #HillEast, though we would disagree with Ty Voyles and say that Hill East starts on 14th Street. Potayto-Potahto.

If you are a former or current H Street NE neighbor, Mosaic Theater Company wants to add your voice to their H Street oral history project. Learn more here.

If you operate a short-term rental, such as an airbnb, you should know that the District has extended the grace period to apply for licenses through June 9. To learn more about how, why and where to apply for a short-term rental license, visit their DCRA portal.

In news of the absurd, this Tweet still has us scratching our heads:

Wallethub has declared that DC is the second best area to work remotely in the whole nation. Interestingly, the only factor keeping us from the top is the fact that the working area in the home is very, very small. Does working in coffeeshops not count?

By the way, tonight is DC Water’s Virtual Townhall meeting. If you want to know about the present and future of our water and sewage authority, or just want to ask if they are cleaning out the pipes (yes) or doing hydrant maintenance (also yes), this is the meeting for you. Register here or call in at (202) 753-6714, ID: 101107069#.

In closing, check out those cheeky devils at Capitol Hill Books getting a visit from CNN’s Jake Tapper in a recent CNN+ commercial. The spot was filmed earlier in the year and it was very hush-hush. Check it out below:

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