29 Apr 2022


Assassination Perambulation

Anyone who has spent any time perusing this blog knows that Congressional Cemetery is a boundless source of interesting stories. Some of those were recently drawn together by docent (and future resident) Robert Hoffman, better known as Hoff. (RSP)
The event that all these stories were linked to was the Lincoln assassination. (the tour took place, unsurprisingly, on April 14) While some of those laid to rest here are pretty well known – like Davey Herold, others were rescued from obscurity. (RSP)
So, for instance, Charles Forbes, whose actions on that day have raised many eyebrows.
It was also just a wonderful day for a walk in the cemetery (RSP)
The final stop was at Mathew Brady’s grave, who had been instrumental in making Lincoln President in the first place – and who photographed Ford’s Theatre immediately after the assassination, which is why we know what it looks like today (RSP)
And, after a bravura performance, Hoff basks in some well-deserved applause (RSP)

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