12 Jan 2022


A Photographic Review

Our photographer is currently on another continent, so instead of publishing entirely unrelated content, we decided to have him choose a dozen pictures that typified the last, strange, year. It started, of course, with a bang. And, almost immediately thereafter, a strong security presence that made itself felt all across the Hill. Here, a National Guardsman guards the Capitol on January 7 (RSP)
The Guard was soon replaced by a fence, and even a snow flurry couldn’t hide its ugliness (RSP)
The voices of protest against the fence got louder and louder as time went by. Here Delegate Norton rails against the fence while Councilmember Allen looks on. (RSP)
And even when events were not directly influenced by what was going on (and had gone on) in the Capitol, Covid ensured that nothing was quite normal. So, here’s the Easter Bunny being driven through the streets of the Hill. (RSP)
Although the fence was eventually removed, it had the tendency to return, such as when President Biden spoke to Congress. (RSP)
It felt good to occasionally take pictures of things entirely unrelated to either politics or Covid – such as the opening of a new Little Free Library in front of the Capitol Hill Village office, a library in the shape of said building.
The second half of the year will be explored next week! (RSP)

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