07 Sep 2021


Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge 5K

Monday morning, Labor Day, the city kicked off the opening festivities for the new Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge with a 5k run across it. We sent out our whole photographic team to document the event. Here’s the new bridge, seen behind the old bridge. (RSP)
We were early, so took a walk across the old bridge first. It became immediately clear why a new span was necessary – the path shared by walkers and bikers was desperately narrow (RSP)
The starting line was near United Stadium, and had as a backdrop the arches that make the new bridge so iconic (RSP)
As so often in these runs, the sheer number of people running made the actual running tough, especially as they made their way onto the bridge. (RSP)
The other side, however, was empty and gave free access to the whole bridge (RSP)
Behind the arch can be seen the circuit on the south bank of the Anacostia River. (RSP)
It was a great day for a family outing (MHC)
The eventual winner crossing north across the bridge, most competitors have been left in the dust. (RSP)
The winners – that’s the woman’s winner in the center – had to dodge among the stragglers who had just made it onto the bridge. It was truly an event for all. (RSP)
And no Frederick Douglass celebration would be right without an impersonator (MHC)
May all who cross this river do so in peace and health (MHC)

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