25 Aug 2021


Hill Miscellany

Sometimes things happen in the time between and you need a place where to put them. Several miscellaneous items:

Alternatives to public school for littles: Looking for an alternative option to DCPS/DCPCS for this year? Gan Shalom Cooperative Playschool can help. They are currently accepting children going into PK-3, PK-4 and Kindergarten for a half-day program. Last year, Gan Shalom successfully ran an outdoor, multi-age program out of the Lutheran Church of the Reformation (212 East Capitol Street NE) and this year they are adding an extra class. Gan Shalom is affiliated with Hill Havurah and they teach Jewish traditions, but all children are welcome. Admission is rolling, so you have time to enroll should you want to forego the pleasure of public schools for this year. Gan Shalom’s first day of school will be same as DCPS, August 30. More information, including tuition assistance for families who need it, is available here.

Ward 6 Back to School Town Hall: DC Public Schools reopen in less than a week and not all parents feel comforted in this fact. If you have questions or need things cleared up– or just want to hear like-minded parents talking about the area’s schools– plan on attending this virtual meeting tomorrow, August 26, from 8-9:30 p.m. Guest speakers include Ward 6 SBOE rep Jessica Sutter, Register for this webinar by clicking this link.

Dance like a Mother… for a good cause: Support First Shift Justice Project and dance at Wundergarten, 1101 First Street NE, this Friday, August 27. The event goes from 6 p.m. to midnight and asks for a suggested donation of $25 or as much as your generous heart can give. The event is family-friendly. First Shift Justice Project supports mothers and mothers-to-be fighting discrimination in the workplace. More info here.

Who’s hiring? If you’re looking for work, one of our Instagram highlights is a job board called “Who’s hiring.” We regularly add to this highlight job prospects from all over the area. Our latest listings have openings at DCanter, a flower shop and at Nordstrom’s Rack. Check it out here or visit our Instagram.

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