30 Jun 2021


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Have you tried @CapitolJillBaking‘s bombolonis? I haven’t yet but even just a loving gaze is enough to get that sweets fix. Tag your photos #thehillishome to get featured.

Happy last day of June! Can you believe the year is quite literally half over? It’s almost time for the Fourth of July and I’m barely recovering from June 11. Anyway– onward!

If you and/or your group want to be part of the Fourth of July parade on Barracks Row, you can still sign up here. The Executive Office of the Mayor is also encouraging people to register through Eventbrite, though it’s unclear as to whether this is for headcount purposes or for marching purposes. By the way, I will be at the parade with some THIH merch and taking photos. Say hello!

Congratulations to Joel Caston, DC Jail inmate and ANC commissioner for SMD 7F07! You can read more about Mr. Caston and his story over on DCist.

It seems that we’ve mostly returned to life as it used to be, somewhat. Tourists have begun their lumbering, confused marches all over the monuments and traffic has followed suit, so it should come as no suprrise that Lawnstarter, a lawn care company that also produces interesting listicles on the side, has declared DC number five in their multi-variable look at which cities are best for your summer, ahem, “Vaxxation.” Sure, our hotels are expensive and our summer weather is straight out of a horror movie, but WE ARE WALKABLE AS ALL GETOUT and you can’t take that away from us.

Excited to welcome Kashmir Boutiques to Eastern Market Main Street. I chatted with the owners and the store manager. They’ll have a toast tomorrow at opening time and they encourage everyone to stop by and say hello. The Hill is Home

Wondering if you need to worry about baby cicadas destroying your younger trees on their way to burrowing for another 17 years? Casey Trees has answers for you.

Via ANC commissioner Steve Holtzman, Eastbanc will hold a SILENT DISCO this coming Thursday, July 1, at the corner of 7th and C Streets SE, 6-9 p.m. The 700 block of C will be closed to vehicular traffic starting at 3 p.m. and will reopen at 11 p.m. Anyone who wishes to participate will get free headphones to join in the experience.

If it’s Thursday, will you be going to The Wells? Washingtonian‘s Anna Spiegel talks about the newest addition to the Eastern Point Collective family of restaurants.

Speaking of restaurant openings, Eater’s bated-breath guide to the 13 most anticipated openings leads off with three in our neighborhood: the aforementioned Wells at Eastern Market, Daru in the H Street Corridor and Crazy Aunt Helen’s over on Barracks Row.

Speaking of hyperbole, recently there was a discussion about whether people say they live on Capitol Hill or in Capitol Hill. On the Hill? In the Hill? The question (or, ahem, “high-stakes debate”) was formulated and evaluated by Greater Greater Washington‘s Libby Solomon. Amusingly, the poll she ran uncovered that people were more prone to say IN Capitol Hill, while the respondents in the poll we ran leaned to ON Capitol Hill. If you can actually see the hill you live on, you’re more likely to say ON, it seems. And as for what Capitol Hill ––the United States Congress–– is, I’ve always leaned toward saying it’s a metonymy and not a synecdoche.

ARCHITECT magazine lovingly describes how Gatsby‘s architectural features successfully immerse patrons into an updated, sophisticated and approachable Roaring 20s experience.

Mirabel, Sofia and Isabel are back at it again! Remember the girls who did a underwear drive for Children’s back in 2018? Well, they are back and they are now collecting 10,000 pairs by July 15! If you want to help them meet their goal, you can buy through their Amazon Wishlist or contribute to the girls’ GoFundMe.

Connecting DC in an east-west route is basic equality that should be prioritized in the budget. A recent opinion in the Washington Post is worth your time.

We are in the middle of a heat wave this week. Please stay hydrated and check in on vulnerable neighbors. This tweet from DC Homeland Security has additional information to keep handy. If you cannot see the tweet below, visit ready.dc.gov or call 202-399-7093.

Finally, former THIHer and friend of the block has the perfect thing to say to people who insist on insulting DC as if this city were only the government offices it houses:

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