12 Jul 2018

Volunteering & Giving:

Help Local Girls Donate 5000 Pair of Underwear to Children’s!

Mirabel & Sofia Atkinson and Isabel Marchena. Photo courtesy of Meredith Atkinson

Three young neighborhood girls, Mirabel & Sofia Atkinson and Isabel Marchena, are doing an underwear drive for Children’s National Health System this summer and they need your help.

After being regular patients of the hospital throughout the years, the girls became aware of the hospital’s need for underwear. Underwear is not the first thing in parents’ minds when they rush to the hospital with a sick little one, but it’s an often-overlooked item of clothing. THIH reader and mom of two of the girls, Meredith Atkinson, mentions that “lots of kids end up at the hospital without a change of clothes, including underwear. The hospital gives out about 50 pair each week and relies upon donations for all of these… my girls wanted to fill this need and help out the hospital for possibly up to 2 years.”

In order to keep the hospital supplied with two years’ worth of underwear, the girls have set a goal of collecting 5,000 pair of underwear before the end of July. So far, they have already collected over 1,400, so here is where we all pitch in.

The girls have created an Amazon Wishlist so you can donate underwear and send it directly to them. Click here to go to the wishlist. If you’d rather turn over your donation in person, there is a drop box at 414 10th Street NE. On Sundays through July 31, you can donate at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 522 7th Street SE.

Good luck with your drive, Mirabel, Sofia and Isabel!


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