08 Mar 2021

Building community:

Come out to the Capitol Fence on 3/13 #OurDC

Hey neighbors! This is David from @eat_dc and Maria from THIH. Let’s talk about the fence for a moment.

The Capitol Fence seen from Delaware Avenue NE. Photo by Maria Helena Carey

The four miles of barbed wire fence around the Capitol complex have cut off our access to open spaces and essential roads through the city. These are areas where we play, relax, walk our dogs, enjoy the flowers, commute to work, and connect with friends. The roads are also critical routes for emergency personnel to reach us and keep us safe.

Join us this Saturday, March 13 at 10 a.m. to peacefully voice your displeasure with the way the fence keeps blocking off our neighborhoods. We will meet at 2nd St SE and East Capitol Street, spread out along the fence, and do the kinds of things we’d rather enjoy doing on the other side. Bring your dogs, your kids, your bike, a picnic blanket with snacks, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, balls, or whatever else you want to show how you use the part of our city currently blocked off by barbed wire.

Two people biking along the western end of the Capitol grounds, with the Grotto at the Summerhouse in the background. Photo by Maria Helena Carey

Can’t make it to the meetup location? Go to the section of fence nearest you and do the same thing. Use the hashtag #OurDC, so others can join and everyone can see what we lose with a fence cutting through our city. 

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