06 Jan 2021


The Capitol, not long ago

Usually, in these pictures, I try to give a sense of what’s going on right now. My history posts are about the past. But these pictures, only about 2 hours old, represent the past. A past where anti-democratic, conspiracy theory-spouting goons had not yet breached the Capitol and attempted to impose their will on the United States government.

I went over only to see the start of the session where they accepted the votes. Both flags are up, both House and Senate are in session (RSP)
There were some people, but not a huge amount – most were coming up from the Ellipse (RSP)
The media was there, though I stayed far enough away that I did not see too many. (RSP)
Another view of the crowd. (RSP)
The barriers were manned by what, in retrospect, was far too few officers. As I took this picture, the first state to be protested – Arizona – was announced, to the great acclaim of the crowd. (RSP)
By now, I could hear more shouting coming from down the Hill on the others side of the Capitol, presumably the reinforcements. Here, MPD officers arrive to support the USCP. I left. By the time I got home, the real damage was being done. (RSP)

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