07 Jan 2021


Operation Stable Door Closure

I’m sure that people are interested in what is happening at the Capitol given the events of yesterday afternoon. I went out with my camera to document the – admittedly unsurprising – changes.

Yup: Fences and National Guardsmen (RSP)
They’re still putting up the fence, maybe 2/3 were done when I got there around noon. (RSP)
There used to be a fence all around the Capitol back in the day. It was closed, sometimes locking in canoodling couples overnight. (RSP))
I’m guessing nobody is going to be locked in here. (RSP)
West of the Capitol, they were in the process of clearing the area between 2nd and 3rd streets. (RSP)
The inauguration stand looks unharmed from the hordes that overran it yesterday (RSP)
The buses were bringing the National Guard back and forth to the Armory (later saw same buses rounding Lincoln Park) (RSP)
My favorite picture: “Dearest Mother. All is quiet now here in the federal city. Our biggest enemy is boredom. Thank you for remembering to pack my camping chair. Your loving son” (RSP)

Along with the National Guard, there were a large number of Virginia State Troopers (and their cars) surrounding the Capitol (RSP)

On the East Front, not much going on. A couple of people (including some of those responsible for yesterday’s riot – though I think I saw maybe a dozen total of the great maskless) and lots of media. So many reporters. So many cameras. Including, I guess, my own. (RSP)

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