17 Dec 2020


To Do From Home, week of December 17, 2020

Hey! It’s Christmas Eve a week from today– are you ready? If you don’t feel ready, please remember our beloved local retailers. From scarves and mittens to belts, bags, home decor, athletic clothing, jewelry, candles, kitchenware and more, you know you can count on our local retailers to help you find something for the people on your list. My gift guide this year resides on Instagram, where you can find it under the title “Gift list ideas.” Give it a try! I love that on a couple of places, you can shop directly from our story. And you can always tap through and go to the vendors’ websites or Etsy directly. You don’t have to visit stores to shop locally, but you do have to be a little patient. Not on Instagram? Why not check out CHAMPS, the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce? Their directory has all kinds of local businesses listed along their websites, for your shopping needs.

Look at little Crouton enjoying the snow! Did you partake in the frolic? I hope you did. Thank you to @okra_and_crouton for tagging us– tag your wintry mix #thehillishome

So in addition to shopping this weekend, what else is there to do?

Right now! Basically, it starts at 5 so if you hurry, you can still make it to The Kelvin for their Ugly Sweater Party, in partnership with The Bullpen. You can tour the building and have photo ops and unlock a free drink. Don’t forget your mask and wear your warmest outfit! Click here.

If you also run but toward NoMa, you can make it to HoliGay party, starting at 7 p.m. More info here.

You can always take a festive walk around the neighborhood with our handy dandy holiday map, #lightupthehill! Click here to access the map and while you’re checking out all the pretty decorations, don’t forget to vote for your favorite local business displays over at Eastern Market Main Street’s The Holly Days!

Want to party with one thousand –or actually, far fewer– Santas? Wundergarten will be observing the Night of 1000 Santas this Saturday and you’re invited. Click here for more details and to register.

Want an event to increase the social conscience in your family or pod? The Longest Night, an event raising the awareness of our unhomed neighbors, is happening Monday, December 21, starting at 4 p.m. It’s no secret that homelessness makes people more vulnerable, and this memorial is in honor of those who have died while experiencing homelessness. Click here to attend.

Craving seasonal music? The United States Botanic Garden has a special online concert on Tuesday, December 22, to get you in the holiday spirit. Click here to register.

It’s not seasonal music, but the Congressional Chorus has been producing lovely virtual arrangements that you can enjoy via their YouTube channel. Click here and have yourself a good time.

On Monday, December 21 at 9 p.m., the Ally Coalition will hold their 7th Annual Talent Show on Twitch and you’re invited! Click here to see the impressive lineup, such as Sleater-Kinney, Rufus Wainwright, Lana Del Ray and more, as well as one-minute stand-up acts (I would watch Aidy Bryant talk while she chopped onions, so..) and click here to RSVP (yes, olds– this means we all have to get a Twitch account… groannnn). The Ally Coalition supports LGBTQ youth so make sure you donate.

I don’t know about you but while I enjoy watching movies at home with my family, there is a certain reverence I miss while sitting in a darkened, comfy auditorium, with the phone deep in my bag and while eating something buttery… and I just made myself cry. One day, we will all be able to sit in a beautiful communal space and enjoy a movie together again. In the meantime, support our local movie theater, The Miracle. Your concession purchases and your rentals through their virtual portal keep them going. Seriously. Their popcorn is amazing.

Planning ahead to New Year’s Eve? Noon Yards Eve at Yards Park is going virtual this year, starting at noon on New Year’s Eve. As is the tradition with these lovely Yards events, they are putting out lovely kits to bring the celebration home and they are free! Sign up for one of them here— there are only about 500 kits to go around!

Are you an audiophile? Capitol Hill resident and friend of the blog Dave Scheier has a new blog all about music, Dave’s Mixtape, and you should check it out here.

Are you a Washington Football Team fan? Congratulate NFL Man of the Year nominee Jonathan Allen and help him raise funds for our neighbors at Sasha Bruce Youthwork. Click here to learn more.

Are you concerned about foreclosure or know someone who is? Sign up for the upcoming webinars from House Counseling Services, LLC. here.

Parting earworm: SHAED’s newest track, “Once Upon a Time” is, well, it’s just lovely. SHAED manages to spin their brand of ethereal, gauzy, melancholy ballads into beautiful aural scapes that suck you in with that distinctive tempo while singer Chelsea Lee’s voice sounds like a lovely lullaby. 11/10, have it on repeat.

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