02 Dec 2020


A Stage Grows on the Hill

I have been spending a fair bit of time since March walking around the Mall, and almost invariably take pictures of the Capitol as I head home. Here it is in early September. No construction to be seen (it is all over on the House side, out of frame) (RSP)
Less than a month later, there is a distinct change. In this picture, taken from the top of the Washington Monument, you can see some framing – in spite of it being over a month until the election, the work on the inaugural stage is already beginning. (RSP)
The day before the election the project is already really taking shape. The wooden framing in the lower left is the stage on which the President will take the oath. (RSP)
The same day, from a different angle: The metal scaffolding on which the press will observe the ceremony. (RSP)
On the day that Biden is declared the victor, another view. The scaffolding which will hold the bleachers is taking shape on the right side. (RSP)
While the Capitol Christmas tree is being placed into position on November 20, work continues. (RSP)
The same day as above, now the tree is freestanding. There is still lots of work to be done, and fortunately, still two months to do it. I will continue to keep up with this developing story in the meantime. (RSP)

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