10 Nov 2020

Slightly Off-Hill:

Ike at Night

I have been watching the design and building of the Eisenhower memorial over the past 10 years. The times I’ve been there, I have felt unmoved. Too big. Too spread out. Backdrop not inspiring. But I drove by the other day at dusk, with the lights on, and – finally – felt something. So went back a few days later at what I hoped would be the right time of day

I arrived before it had gotten properly dark, so no great difference to being there during the day (RSP)
But as it got darker, the screen began to light up.(RSP)
This caused the lines on the screen (which represent the heights over Normandy Beach) to light up. (RSP)
It gave a real meaning to the backdrop, which, during the day, fades away. (RSP)
I have to say that the angles on the memorial are pretty cool. (RSP)
The whole thing comes together more at dark – much like the WWII Memorial which is more, well, memorable at night. (RSP)
Compare this to the first picture, and I think you’ll agree that this is the way to see it. Come on down some time after dark, and see if you agree. Take a picture and tag us on Instagram! (RSP)

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