11 Dec 2020

Slightly Off-Hill:

Four Questions with Mariana and Leela of Districtly Local

You may have already caught up with our special Instagram stories on presents to buy (which we will pull into a post…. soon, we promise). Through the magic of Instagram, we’ve become pals with Mariana and Leela, who have a magical little website called Districtly Local. Districtly Local is a great directory of DC brands […]

10 Nov 2020

Slightly Off-Hill:

Ike at Night

I have been watching the design and building of the Eisenhower memorial over the past 10 years. The times I’ve been there, I have felt unmoved. Too big. Too spread out. Backdrop not inspiring. But I drove by the other day at dusk, with the lights on, and – finally – felt something. So went […]

13 Nov 2019

Slightly Off-Hill:

Rent At National Theatre is a Must-See: ONE WEEK ONLY

The beginning of the holiday season is upon us and you need to do a couple of things: First, you need to get out of the Hill and do something fun before the Thanksgiving crush comes and hijacks your soul. You also need to take care of yourself, and there is no better way to […]

15 Oct 2019

Slightly Off-Hill:

Pop-Up Magazine is a Must-See/Hear/Enjoy

Although we try to keep it all-Hill, all-the-time, a person’s gotta leave the neighborhood on occasion. And I’m here to tell you that next time Pop-Up Magazine comes to DC –which happens in spring, winter and fall– catch their next show. I was lucky enough to be offered tickets to check out the October 7, […]

28 Aug 2019

Slightly Off-Hill:

The most incredible sheets ever/We need more retail on the Hill

I recently asked on THIH’s Instagram stories, “What kind of retail do you wish we had on the Hill, or pretty close by?” and got answers such as, “A DryBar,” “A T.J. Maxx,” “I wish there were a Target closer,” “ANY,” “Home decor,” “An Apple store” and “Women’s clothing and a new baby store” (R.I.P. […]

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