24 Nov 2020


Hill Buzz x To Do List

Hello neighbors! Who’s ready for some gratitude and turkey (if you consume)? It’s a gorgeous fourth week of November and, if you’re reading this, you’re most likely alive. I give thanks for your eyeballs and your readership. Onward!

This week, I’m blending news with a few things to do from home, because I am taking Thursday off, hence the title. It’s a collab with myself. I feel extremely hip.

No better way to wake up than with a Blackhawk helicopter flying almost at eye-level around your neighborhood…? At least the sky is nice. Photo by Maria Helena Carey.

First up, change up your Thanksgiving approach; this is a great chance to make your Thursday feast more meaningful. Our friends at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian have put together a couple of stunning guides: One guide focuses on how to think about the day and talk to kids about it (the corn necklace might be a hit in your household). The other is a series of recipes by Native chefs that place a spotlight on ingredients from the Americas. All the recipes sound delicious, but one that caught my eye in particular is Anthony Warrior’s Siwinoa blue corn pumpkin bread with cranberry compote. The flavors sound complex but it’s easy to make.

Do you subscribe to Councilmember Charles Allen’s newsletter? It’s always informative and helpful. Read it here. This week’s update places a spotlight on the rise in coronavirus infections in the District, as shared in this week’s Mayoral situational update, which you can see here.

You can also see this focused Twitter thread from @allisongeroi here:

A new local COVID resource you can check out is dccovid.com. The information is broken down from the cumulative totals provided by the official statistics.

If you’ve been wondering about the very loud helicopters flying really close to the ground today and yesterday, a few readers chimed in with information. Twitter account @helicoptersofDC, run by Andrew Logan, shared the following statement from Joint Base Andrews:

The Air Force has operated helicopters in the National Capital Region since the 1950s, and has operated continuously out of Joint Base Andrews since 1971. The National Capital Region has an established helicopter route and zone structure for all operators to remain within prescribed altitudes. There are a number of other organizations which also operate a variety of aircraft in the National Capital Region, including other Federal entities, State and Local governments, commercial medical operators, and local news organizations. The 316th Wing complies with all Department of Defense, Air Force, and Federal Aviation Administration rules, guidelines, and laws. We also seek to strike a balance between providing national security and flying friendly through a series of local policies and agreements. The Airmen of the 316th Wing care deeply for the community in which we serve and we will continue to operate professionally.

The exercise appears to have been a joint effort together with Capitol Police, but no information was released (or continues to be released) about it, other than those on a need-to-know basis.

Moments of joy await: The wreaths at Union Station are being installed as I write this, so you should be able to Instagram them as early as tonight. The Capitol Hill BID has made their Holiday Tree lighting and Menorah lighting ceremonies virtual– although you can still visit both installations in person anytime. Big George, the Holiday Tree will be lit on December 4. The Menorah starts to light up the night on December 10, the first night of Hanukkah.

Will there be a sportsbook where Stanton and Greene (and The Pourhouse) once stood? We’ve been following this saga for a few weeks now and venture capitalist Shane August has not budged in his push or his enthusiasm. In turn, the neighborhood is fighting him the only way they can– through placing obstacles on the establishment’s liquor license. WTOP provides a good look at this underreported story. Do you think sports betting belongs in our neighborhood? Weigh in! Drop me a line at info@thehillishome.com or give us a shoutout on Twitter.

A barbershop-cum-cocktail bar concept is coming to the Press House at Union Market and it raises so many questions: Will there be hair in the cocktails? Can someone make sure the barbers don’t imbibe? All kidding aside, it sounds very chic. Bisnow

Something to make you smile: A brief history of the DC Capitalsaurus, courtesy of WUSA.

Black Bear Leather, an Eastern Market vendor from Lancaster, PA, is making custom wallets for all 435 members of the incoming 117th congress. Congratulations! McCall’s has the story.

If you’re into fashion, you already know that SOMEWHERE down in Navy Yard is super cool. For those of you who need a little more information, Hypebeast gives you a little more insight into the retail cafe with all the cool kicks and the fingers firmly on the pulse of the creative community in the District. Honestly, I might need that Moechella t-shirt.

Parting thought: Not that the Rona gives most of us room for much dating, other than some very Victorian pen pal stuff (Warning: link is *very* Victorian, if you know what I mean). That didn’t stop the folks at Apartment List from taking a hard (hee, hee) look at the dating scene across America and determining that it sucks. DC comes (hee, hee) in at number 23 out of 40 metropolitan areas. The percentage of singles is 51.7%? Really?

Washington Business Journal reports on DMPED’s announcement of requests for proposal for the Reservation 13 development. From the article: “The approach we’re taking on Hill East is really indicative of how we’d approach the RFK site if we ever get control of it from the federal government.” This quote from John Falcicchio makes me wonder: Is Mayor Bowser’s chief of staff aware of the fact that he and his office have kept Hill East residents and ANC commissioners in the dark about their plans? Is this the lack of transparency we can all expect, going forward? Yikes.

PoPville confirms that the Boiling Crab is taking over the (cursed?) space at 4th and H Streets NE. The place was previously home to infamously bad neighbor TruOrleans and later Driftwood Kitchen, which was a happy hour favorite that couldn’t beat the bad juju in the place. Here’s hoping Boiling Crab burns some white sage all over the place before they open.

Hotels are opening during the pandemic, against all odds. One of those is YOTEL, which stands in the former Liaison Capitol Hill space and has been slowly opening since October. Hopefully, there will be a few more guests safely lodging come inauguration time. Bisnow

In art news, Mosaic Theater artistic director Ari Roth has stepped down after helping establish the company back in 2014. Here’s hoping they can continue their incredible programming and thoughtful artistic endeavors– or hoping they can continue at all, as the theater world has been dealt devastating blows during this pandemic. Washington Post

The St. Mark’s Players are boldly believing in the power of theater for a good cause. On November 28 at 8 p.m. they will stage Make Them See You!  A Virtual Cabaret Fundraiser, benefiting the Anacostia High School Virtual Music Therapy Program. Watch as more than twenty performers wow you. Get your tickets here!

Holiday Cheer: Brent Elementary and Miner Elementary x Eliot-Hine Middle School(a collab!) are bringing all the holiday cheer right after the Thanksgiving holiday. Brent will be selling their Christmas trees from December 3-6 and you can browse their store here (you can even share the cheer and buy trees for other families). Maury and Eliot-Hine will have theirs December 4-6 and you can do a pre-sale here.

Boy Scout Troop 500 will also be selling Christmas trees that weekend, at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation. More info coming soon.

The Salt Line will be holding their 8th Annual Christmas Tree Lot benefitting The DC Firefighters Burn Foundation. The restaurant will open at noon on Friday, November 27 for food and trees. They will also host DC’s bravest on December 5 and give the little ones a chance to explore a fire truck.

Finally, Mission Navy Yard is celebrating Black Friday with bottomless margaritas, mimosas or Bloody Marys and a special brunch for $25.99. Give thanks for health and wealth of tortilla chips, am I right?

Speaking of holiday cheer, check out the arrival of the Capitol Christmas tree and a schedule of meetings around the neighborhood over at Capitol Hill Corner. I’m starting a holiday cheer map by the way: If you’re decorating, send me your approximate address and I’ll add it to this map, which I have yet to update.

You may see a post or two around here, but catch me on Twitter and Instagram until Friday. Happy Thanksgiving day, everyone!

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