06 Oct 2020


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Hey there, neighbors. Looks like the ballot bins are all up and operational (check out our Election portal for more info and locations) and tomorrow is the “Good Trouble” edition of Walk to School Day! But wait, you may say, why are we walking to school if school is at home? Consider it a kind of protest: a day to walk to the park in solidarity for safer streets. Watch this video from Charles Allen and the Ward 6 Public School Parents’ Organization and get in the spirit. And if you don’t believe me, read what organizers Sandra Moscoso and Suzanne Wells wrote for Greater Greater Washington on this highest of civic engagement holidays.

First off, and in news that surprise NO ONE, the DC area had a huge spike in coronavirus infections this week. (Washington Post) Although President Trump resides in Florida and therefore they can claim him, all of the other people who’ve been infected after the Rose Garden Red Wedding confirmation ceremony count toward our local totals. Let’s just put it this way: When I read this Politico article at 8 a.m., the headline read, “The 30 people who…” and now the tally is at 32. And the article hasn’t yet been updated with the news that Stephen Miller is sick. The Hill

A local man had a busy time last week robbing three Wells Fargo banks around the area, including the new one located in the 600 block of H Street NE. Washington Post

An armed carjacking and a couple of robberies in our area may be related and WTOP has more details.

A fascinating data analysis by Greater Greater Washington suggests that as people have moved away from downtown area, so have the traffic collisions. Incidentally, this has been a good year to ride a bike, for the main part. Takeaway: “This would seem to suggest that a lack of commuters to work in greater downtown and tourists around the National Mall have contributed to the drop in bike crashes in these areas, with the larger proportion of fewer crashes instead being centered around more residential areas away from the city center.”

A simple, lovely capture by @runplaylovedc via our hashtag, #thehillishome

A few local restaurants –including local favorites like DC Harvest and Bullfeathers– have been saved by timely Hail Mary passes on social media and Washingtonian has their stories.

But some haven’t been so lucky. Cusbah is among the local casualties. The DC Post

And new ones open, despite the added stress. WJLA interviews new NAvy Yard restaurant La Famosa’s Chef Joncarlo.

By the way, Slice Joint is opening on Thursday at The Roost. Check out their menu here. The Hill is Home

Want to start supporting nothing but local brands during this pandemic? We hear you. That’s why a resource like Districtly Local is so good! It’s a directory of local brands and their sites, and it’s divided by different categories, included woman-owned, POC-owned and more. Go pay their site a visit or check out their Instagram!

Speaking of support, the Department of Justice is throwing its weight behind a lawsuit brought by Capitol Hill Baptist Church last month. The Daily Wire

Citywide, but the headline is so provocative, I’m sharing it in full here. Makes you go Hmm… “Mayor Bowser has $219,000 in her fund for needy residents. During the pandemic, she has given $0.” Hmmm…. Washington Post

If you are looking for a babysitter or nanny, a Hill teen named Shayla Walker is offering her services. You can contact her at (202) 290-0201 or email her at walker.shay20@gmail.com

Not local, but here is an interesting resource for stressed-out children and parents during bedtime. My favorite suggestion is the “I Spy” jar. Slumber Yard

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