05 Oct 2020

Election 2020:

ANC Candidate Statements: David Reinersmann, ANC 6B07

It’s 29 days until election day and most of you have probably made up your minds about whom you will vote in the general election. However, when it comes to local elections, most people have no idea how their District, Ward or advisory neighborhood commissions are divided or affect them. Local outlets such as Greater Greater Washington do a good job of bringing hyperlocal politics news, and reasons why you should run for these nonpartisan offices. OpenANC allows you to learn more about your own single-member district, so you know the names of the people in the race. As is now a tradition, The Hill is Home is publishing candidate statements in the order in which we’ve received them, so you know a little more about the people running and don’t go into the voting booth (or mail-in ballot) blind. –Maria Helena Carey

David Reinersmann. Photo courtesy of the candidate.

Statement by David Reinersmann, ANC 6B07

Hi there 6B07!*
I’m David Reinersmann, and I’m running for ANC 6B07 Commissioner as a write-in candidate. My name isn’t the easiest to spell, but I’m hoping you get close enough on the ballot.
I’m running for Commissioner because our neighborhood needs to keep its voice in the ANC. I’m really looking forward to ensuring that the people of our neighborhood have clear and responsive representation that they can count on.

My main goal is to offer a way for all of our neighbors to get their voices heard in the ANC and beyond, particularly those who rarely get the chance to interact with their local government. The more of us that our local officials listen to, the better their decisions will be for all of us.

I have plenty of thoughts of my own: increased mental health support, community-driven social support programs, working with DDOT to slow traffic in the neighborhood, creating opportunities for social gatherings while keeping everyone safe and healthy, and a hundred more. But I’m just one person with one opinion. There are a couple thousand of you, and your collective voices matter much more than my own.

This means I’ll be soliciting your opinions on things like consistent and reliable sanitation, transportation availability and safety, affordable housing for everyone, affordable and convenient healthcare, and so much more. Oh, and of course the Pocket Parks!

For now, send me those opinions at davidr6B07@gmail.com – I’d love to hear from you.

*Also, we should definitely brainstorm a cool name for the neighborhood.

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