18 Sep 2020


To Do From Homeish, Weekend of September 18, 2020

What’s happening, neighbors? Make this the weekend you take a break from the news cycle and do something fun and interesting and… okay, who am I kidding– it’s only 46 days until election day. Do what feels right and eat pastries and order yoga pants– and listen to the At-Large candidates in our Election 2020 portal. Here are a few things to do in between bites:

Order pizza. Thank you for tagging us in this beauty shot, @AllPlatesWelcome! Tag your pizza party #thehillishome

First up, DO NOT DOOM SCROLL. Don’t do it to yourself. Just. Don’t. Put your phone in another room if you must, but make a vow to take a break from technology. WAMU

If you just want to have a mellow night, order in some Mr. Henry’s takeout and relax, you can tune in to their digital concert series. Tonight’s concert features Maija and Chris Stiles. Click here to be transported to a cool, breezy place right in your own living room.

If you’re going to stay up, make it ART ALL NIGHT! The night arts and fun event is back with a virtual format and it’ll span two weeks, starting tonight! The site is a little weird and I hadn’t heard much about it, possibly because a lot of it is not happening on H Street (?) but it is happening and it looks cool. You can check out the lineup for week one right here.

But that reminds me: H STREET FESTIVAL BABY!!!!! It’s the one you love! The crazy one! The one that got entirely too big but hey! The festival is actually a total September affair, but Saturday, September 19, from noon until 5 p.m., everyone is encouraged to do a drive-by… festivalling! During DRIVE THRU SATURDAY, shop online and pick up your purchases. Bike through, walk through, strut through, but show up for our beloved H Street NE. They also have a contest going on via Instagram: What’s the one word you’d use to describe the H Street Festival? Enter and you could win $200 to spend at the marketplace!

How about a film about our latest, greatest heroes, the scientists? The Science and Entertainment exchange invites you to watch Picture a Scientist, Wednesday September 23. Spend some time looking at the trailer here and RSVP here.

Want to talk about urban renewal and how DC needs to have more agency over its daily governance? Then “Federal Experiments and Their Consequences: Urban Renewal” on September 23 at 7:30 pm, hosted by the DC History Center, is for you. RSVP here.

Have you missed the MLK Public Library? The library has missed YOU! They will be kicking off their welcome back celebration on Thursday, September 24, and you are invited. WTOP has more details, but you can, ahem, check out the DC Public Library website for more information

Want to kick off the sweatpants and kinda maybe dress up? Explore another part of the neighborhood, which some people may or may not consider part of our neighborhood! There are always fun things happening down in the Capitol Riverfront/Navy Yard/JDLand area. La Famosa, a Puerto Rican restaurant (mmm tostones mmm) is opening this week. (Washingtonian)

You can also check out Mah-Ze-Dahr’s vanilla brioche doughnuts (!!!) and with your best and most affected voice, proclaim that everything may be better in New York, but it’s cooler in DC. (Eater DC)

Want to stay in and win prizes? Or order Mr. Henry’s breakfast for a good cause this weekend with Breakfast for a Cause, on September 19 and 20? Check out Everyone Home DC’s September Challenge!

Feel like just staying in and eating pizza? Over on Instagram stories, our readers have been sending their suggestions for best pizzas on the Hill and Hill-adjacent places and I made a map to help you out! Check it out here.

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