25 Sep 2020

Election 2020:

Meet the ANC Candidates: Andr’e Speaks, ANC 6B09

It’s 39 days until election day and most of you have probably made up your minds about whom you will vote in the general election. However, when it comes to local elections, most people have no idea how their District, Ward or advisory neighborhood commissions are divided or affect them. Local outlets such as Greater Greater Washington do a good job of bringing hyperlocal politics news, and reasons why you should run for these nonpartisan offices. OpenANC allows you to learn more about your own single-member district, so you know the names of the people in the race. As is now a tradition, The Hill is Home is publishing candidate statements in the order in which we’ve received them, so you know a little more about the people running and don’t go into the voting booth (or mail-in ballot) blind. –Maria Helena Carey

Statement by Andr’e Speaks, ANC 6B09 

Andr’e Speaks. Photo courtesy of the candidate.

Hi my name is Andr’e Speaks but most people call me Dr’e and I am asking for your vote to elect me as your next 6B09 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC).  I was born in Washington DC and I have been a Hill East resident since 1998. I am a United States Army Veteran,  I volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Abused and Battered Children (CASA),  I am an active member in my church,  Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME).

My loving parents taught me at a young age to always be of service to the people you meet through this life’s journey and that is how I live my life today. I have been an active Hill East Task Force participant for many years advocating for my neighbors to ensure that our government addresses our quality of life issue(s) as it relates to the development of Reservation 13,  the increase in neighborhood crime, pedestrian and bicycle safety, vehicles speeding in and around our neighborhood, RFK Stadium and Senior Citizen Housing that will allow our Elders to safely age in place. 

As a neighborhood activist I have worked with multiple DC Agencies such as Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Cmdr. Kane and 1d Patrol Sevices to ensure pedestrian/bicycle safety at our intersections and residential streets are enforced and increasing patrols in areas where there has been a spike in violent crimes.

Worked with District Department Of Transportation (DDOT) about installing additional speed cameras and or other traffic calming measures within our neighborhood where we actually live and walk to and from the grocery stores and other neighborhood businesses.  Strongly discussed that DDOT’s inspectors enforce the Reservation 13 Construction Traffic Plan that disallows 3 ton trucks to travel down our narrow streets and to ensure that the construction on Reservation 13 begins and ends within the allotted good neighbor work hours. 

Worked with the Department of Public Works (DPW) to enforce our Zone 6 parking privileges especially for our senior citizens who often return home from their health care visits in the afternoon only to find no available parking in their block. 
My pledge to my neighbors family and friends is that if I am elected as your next 6B09 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner  I will not be an invisible worker. I will communicate regularly with you to get your input about pending issues before the Commission. I further pledge that my vote on issues will be aligned with the majority of feedback that I get from within our neighborhood community which is the will of the people.
Finally I like to share that when I was younger people used to say, “When Andr’e Speaks, someone is listening.” That still applies today. Please allow me to speak for you as your next Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) for 6B09.

R. Andr’e Speaks (Dr’e)ANC 6B09 Canidate

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