14 Sep 2020

Election 2020:

ANC Candidate Statements: Zachary Hoffman, ANC 5D06

It’s 50 days until election day and most of you have probably made up your minds about whom you will vote in the general election. However, when it comes to local elections, most people have no idea how their District, Ward or advisory neighborhood commissions are divided or affect them. Local outlets such as Greater Greater Washington do a good job of bringing hyperlocal politics news, and reasons why you should run for these nonpartisan offices. OpenANC allows you to learn more about your own single-member district, so you know the names of the people in the race. As is now a tradition, The Hill is Home is publishing candidate statements in the order in which we’ve received them, so you know a little more about the people running and don’t go into the voting booth (or mail-in ballot) blind. –Maria Helena Carey

Zac Hoffman. Photo courtesy of the candidate.

Statement by Zachary Hoffman, ANC 5D06

My name is Zachary Hoffman, I’m a bartender, a filmmaker and I serve as the Executive Vice President of the DC Bar and Restaurant Workers Alliance. Living in the southern third of Trinidad right off Florida Ave on Staples Street, I have had the opportunity to experience some of the best the District has to offer. I am running for ANC 5D06 so that I can give back to the community I love. Our pocket of DC is full of life, honest and thoughtful leadership is the key to preserving that. I have forged great relationships with the DC Council, district agencies and several in the Mayor’s Office to effectively support the great work being done in 5D. My experience in advocating for better transportation resources from Metro and building a
responsible micro-mobility ecosystem have already made positive change. I know the residents of 5D06 want representation that will fight for change and help build coalitions around issues, that is why I feel that I am the best option on the ballot for Trinidad.

I love our community, and it is not without its challenges. These past months dealing with COVID-19 have hit our neighborhood particularly hard. As a restaurant worker, I know firsthand the devastation that has come from this pandemic and hit us not only physically and
emotionally, but financially. I have worked with the ReOpen committee to safely and responsibly help transition us into a framework that both workers and operators can feel safe serving our community. There is still more work to do and together, it can be done.

I have focused on several key areas in my campaign:
● Increasing public safety
● Cultivating a safe and vibrant small business community
● Building a better public transportation ecosystem for all
● Continuing a smart and focused community grant program
● Fighting for much more affordable housing in every development project
● Supporting calls to defund MPD and champion programs that do more

Part of my trade is talking to people, but more importantly is listening. I pledge to be there anytime a resident needs me. You can directly email me at HoffmanANC5D@gmail.com or visit my website HoffmanANC5D.com and find all of my contact information. I will do my absolute best to find answers to problems, brainstorm solutions, and listen to any comments or concerns residents may have.

My name is Zachary Hoffman, and I hope to be your next ANC 5D06 Commissioner.

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