23 Sep 2020

Election 2020:

ANC Candidate Statements: Latoya Moore, ANC 5D03

It’s 41 days until election day and most of you have probably made up your minds about whom you will vote in the general election. However, when it comes to local elections, most people have no idea how their District, Ward or advisory neighborhood commissions are divided or affect them. Local outlets such as Greater Greater Washington do a good job of bringing hyperlocal politics news, and reasons why you should run for these nonpartisan offices. OpenANC allows you to learn more about your own single-member district, so you know the names of the people in the race. As is now a tradition, The Hill is Home is publishing candidate statements in the order in which we’ve received them, so you know a little more about the people running and don’t go into the voting booth (or mail-in ballot) blind. –Maria Helena Carey

Statement by Latoya Moore, ANC 5D03

Latoya Moore. Photo courtesy of the candidate.

My name is Latoya Moore and I am a candidate for the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 5D03 appointment. I’m a native Washingtonian and I was educated by the District of Columbia Public School System. As I was born and raised here, I decided that when I became a homeowner, I would plant my roots right here in DC.  

I’ve been a resident of Ward 5 since November 2006, with my husband, Folger, two daughters, Kiyah and Chloe, and my Chihuahua, Bella.  I’ve worked for the same government contractor as long as I’ve owned my home, so I know firsthand what it takes to stride as a DC resident. I live, work, and play here.

I was never really interested in politics, outside of the Presidential General Election, but I’ve always wanted to be a part of change, give back to my community, and try to make an impact where I could. I’ve spearheaded several Feed the Homeless initiatives at Franklin Park and Florida Ave Park.  I taught a free in-person weekly dance class at the Trinidad Recreation Center for adults and children. I orchestrate a monthly clothing, shoes, and toy drive to donate in conjunction with New Samaritan Baptist Church to various city-wide shelters and the homeless. I’ve attended and participated in 90% of the Ward 5D ANC Meetings, which helped me achieved my goal in transitioning 17th through 19th M Street NE to a one-way traffic lane. This effort was welcomed by the residents, as it slowed down traffic flow, non-residential parking, and vehicular damage. I also sweep and discard of trash weekly on my residential block, to assist with the burden of our elderly residents having to risk their strength and health.

I don’t have a political dialect and I can’t challenge you in a senator’s roll call, but I can tell you something personal about each one of my neighbors by name. I’m not here to be the next CouncilWoman, Mayor, or even President, but I want to start at the bottom, where most DC residents are. I want work from the ground up. I want to fight for those, that can’t and won’t speak for themselves, and for me, as a Black Women who cares.

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