13 Aug 2020


To Do (Mostly) From Home, Week of August 13, 2020

Hey all you cool Hill cats and Hill kittens! Remember when Tiger King was still a thing, about 27 years ago? Me either. I will ask you to back away from the Netflix for a little bit and let me help you find something fun to do.

You still have time to sign up for a special online workshop TONIGHT to cut your dependence on expensive skin care routines. Register here for Product Junkie Detox, hosted by CROSSING DC, which is the newest apartment building/experience over in Navy Yard.

The Bullpen is hosting the Harry Potter Movie Experience on Friday, August 14 and Saturday, August 15. WUSA-9 has more details and you can get tickets here.

Courtesy of Sospeso

Our friends at Sospeso have a new dinner deal that sounds amazing. How about creating a new family tradition and letting someone else do the cooking? They recently debuted their family meal concept: Simple, delicious meals to feed yourself and your family while sparing someone you love one day of cooking. Chef Tugce, who took over the kitchen back in April, brings bright, clean and authentic Mediterranean simplicity to the menu, and you get to cuddle and not worry about the dishes. She has revamped some of the dishes while also bringing new life to delicious fare such as fried chicken, lamb meatballs and more. For only $50, 2-3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids can eat a hearty meal with homemade flavor. Schedule the day before and order via ToastTab.

Support your local eateries, like Jimmy T’s! They are trying out dinner service from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Tonight they are serving up some delicious meatloaf.

Support your local restaurants if you don’t want to see them go away forever. Many places are reporting an 80% drop in sales this summer– this is an untenable situation for most restaurants and their landlords. We have heard stories with good endings, such as Chupacabra’s and Tortilla Coast, but we are far from being out of the woods. Get delivery from your favorite places, and help them keep going.

Get some delicious takeout and go watch a movie in the car! Park-Up DC at RFK’s Lot 5 is eagerly waiting for you. Visit the website here so you can see this weekend’s lineup and go have some fun at the movies!

Get pumped for the new season of the Washington Back Consort, called “Bach Interactions, ” with an announcement from their artistic director, which you can watch here.

Sign up for a cooking class with the US Botanic Garden! They happen on Thuesdays at noon. Click here for more information.

Or you can make your own spices at home, with the help of this pretty Washington Post article.

Curl up with some of Sospeso’s amazing dolmas (seriously– they are amazing, and they have itty bitty little pinenuts) and look at the Hill Center’s regional juried exhibition here. So what if you can’t look at the galleries in person? Art is eternal, and if you’re feeling extra generous, why not purchase some?

Go on a scavenger hunt! The DC Historical Society has not one, but TWO scavenger hunts for you to enjoy. Go find a spot to cool off and rediscover your city. Find the scavenger hunts here and here. By the way, if you’re a history nerd, you can submit a paper to the upcoming DC History Conference. Submit here.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and I haven’t really used this platform for self-promotion, but that changes today: I am a portrait photographer who’s been doing porch portraits and I’m also a tarot reader. If you are interested in either one, please send me a message via Twitter or Instagram. Thank you for supporting your very small local businesses like mine– seriously, thank you.

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