10 Jul 2020


To Do From Home, Week of July 9, 2020

It’s hot, it’s sticky and it’s more of the same. How can we make this second half of the week memorable? Let’s find out!

The sun may look happy and carefree, but that’s only because it’s naturally antiviral. Graphic courtesy of DC DPR

First of all, if you haven’t done the My DC Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt from the Historical Society of Washington DC, you really must. It’s a deceptively easy Google Form, but the ways in which it’ll take you around your neighborhood are downright magical. Follow this link and get started. Make sure you tag your finds @DCHistory on Twitter and Instagram.

With much trepidation, I am offering you the link to the District’s Department of Parks and Recreation’s summer camps. Please be safe with yourself and your children, and remember that the safest place to be when you are with multiple people is outdoors. Click here to see DPR’s offerings.

How about a classical guitar concert? I’ve told you before about Groupmuse, the platform that formerly allowed you to attend chamber music concerts in people’s living rooms. They are continuing their mission online and have an amazing lineup. If you’re a fan of classical guitar, Friday night’s concert with Alexander Milovanov may be the thing your soul needs. More info here.

How about some Americana to celebrate Bastille Day? The United States Botanic Garden hosts Big Al and the Heavyweights for a free online concert this Tuesday, July 14, starting at 5:30 p.m. All you need to do is RSVP here.

Cinematery at Congressional Cemetery will still be going, but only you and 99 of your closest friends will be able to attend. For only $50, you get a delightful picnic with your choice of meat in a bun and you get to swoon over Heath Ledger (or Julia Stiles, or both) in the incredibly adorable, “10 Things I Hate About You.” The next Cinematery is next Friday, July 17, but you probably want to grab your tickets early because it’ll go fast. Grab them here.

Capitol Hill Books is having a sidewalk sale tomorrow. I’ll let their tweet do the talking:

Touchstone Gallery isn’t in our neighborhood, but they bring a refreshing mix of eclectic and local art. Their newest art installation is going to be online only and will open tonight, July 10. Click here to check out the art.

You can also check out local art at Capitol Hill Art League’s exhibit, here.

So, is statehood possible? A discussion next Thursday asks that very question. Click here to RSVP.

How about some coloring pages for the little ones (and, okay, for you too)? The Capitol Hill BID recently revealed their new identity and they’ve added a coloring page, which you can access here. I think if you print a couple of these on heavier stock, you could use watercolors to really make the colors in your neighborhood pop! Send a photo if you do!!

The kids at Sasha Bruce Youthwork are still in need of your support during this crisis. Send a note of encouragement to info@sashabruce.org— or email them for more details. Want to make something with little ones? Mail your letter of encouragement to Notes of Encouragement, 741 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Here’s a fun thing to do: Listen to Eric Hutchinson’s new album, “Class of 98,” here, as well as an interview of Hutchinson by friend and comedian (and hero to my children) John Mulaney. This one is a shoutout to all of you graduated high school sometime in the ’90s. Guess what? We’re all getting old. Bonus: This savage takedown of Millennials on TikTok, via Twitter. (Who’s a Millennial? Who’s GenX? Who cares, really.)

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