16 Jul 2020


Hill Miscellany

Hello everyone! Sometimes you come across many things that deserve sharing but they are not necessarily news. If this were another time, they’d all deserve their own post, but in the spirit of maximizing your attention span and mine, I’m tentatively starting a series called Hill Miscellany. I suppose it could just as well be called Hill’s Bells. Let me know which one you prefer– or don’t?


We all scream for homemade ice cream! Learn how to make the best treat ever with the help of our beloved Hill’s Kitchen. Give the link a tap and make a plan to support our local gems.

First off, the Mayor had a press conference this morning, which you can watch here. I shared highlights via Twitter here. Below is the first tweet in the thread:

Next– today, as will be the norm every Thursday, Well Dunn catering has a delightful pop-up bakery and flower shop. You can find more details on their Instagram, here. Are you following us on Instagram? Please do!

Incidentally, we have a new interview with another DC Delegate candidate, David Krucoff. It’s on YouTube and on Instagram Video.

Via ANC commissioner Nick Burger, the Bridge Park is looking for an artist who lives or work in Wards 6, 7 or 8 to work on a large scale visual art project at the Hopkins Apartments Bridge Park Plot. Applications are due on Friday, July 17. You can find more info and apply here.

By the way, we have teamed up with CHAMPS to ask At-Large candidates questions. Have a question? Send to champs@capitolhill.org

A reader who also works at a Barracks Row establishment shared the following story: Some patrons came into the establishment at around 9:30 p.m. and were told by management they would be closing soon. The patrons said the website claimed closing time was at 10 p.m. At 10, the establishment started to close but still stayed open for patrons. Past 10:30, the patrons lingered and left without tipping. Can we please remember to be civil even when things aren’t staying up as late as we’d like them to stay? It’s a tough time for everyone, but please don’t cheat servers and back of house staff of tips.

A sweet farewell to Capitol Hill resident cat Ousman by his human, councilmember Elissa Silverman:

Also via Twitter, reader Roy Roberts shared the setup for the drive-in theater at RFK. Can we get some assurances from the city that the no-idling policy will be as well enforced as it is at private drive-in theaters?

And one more: a car was exploded yesterday afternoon by the Supreme Court. It was an arsonist. Thank you to reader Taylor Jackson for sharing the video with us.

The Washington Teachers’ Union is still collecting signatures for a petition on the safe reopening of schools. You can read it and sign here.

By the way, have you filled out the 2020 census yet? It doesn’t take very long and the data you provide to the census bureau is kept in very strict confidence and very securely. This volume of data helps shape the evolution of cities and rural areas, and helps target problem areas as well as supporting the well-being of everyone. Fill it out here.

Are you running for ANC commissioner? Read this piece in Greater Greater Washington as to why you should, and then, if you’re running, email me at info@thehillishome.com with a candidate statement. Please label your name and SMD carefully, and include a statement no longer than 500 words. If you wish, attach a photo of yourself, no larger than 2MB. Good luck! Your petitions with 10 signatures are due by August 5, so get going!

Finally, if you don’t subscribe to Charles Allen’s Ward 6 newsletter, you probably should. He and his staff always do a great job of bringing important information and notices from around the ward. Click here to read the latest installment.

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