19 May 2020


Hill Buzz

Good morning, Capitol Hill! Time is so elastic these days, I can’t believe I’m sitting here again, filling you in on the news. Let’s delve, shall we?

First off, some non-essential businesses that cater to education and academic supply are open for business again as of yesterday. In our neighborhood, this means that Fairy Godmother is open again for curbside delivery and pick-up. Shouldn’t ALL bookstores fit this definition, though? DCist (h/t Katrina Avila and Barred in DC)

The neighborhood is thoroughly saddened by the closure of Montmartre. This photo and its caption are lovely– go read it. Thank you for tagging #thehillishome, @isabelleepoquedance

In case you missed it, today’s coronavirus figures. Four hundred District residents have lost their lives. Our hearts are with each family who’s had a loss. (Mayor Bowser via Twitter) You can also take a look at this interactive map with the breakdown of each case by neighborhood. Can we spend some time pondering these neighborhood names though? They are a little weird. @zmotoly via Twitter

Speaking of terrible, unnecessary losses, several arson incidents have taken place around the H Street corridor (Patch). Out of those, the most gruesome and horrifying is the death of an unhomed man, 62-year old Darryl Finney. Heartbreaking and awful. NBC-4

More curbside seating may be coming soon, as the Council will be voting to expand outdoor seating and for allowing restaurants to keep this space for up to one year. Washington Business Journal

More outdoor space for eating begs the question, Will streets get too crowded with all these people eating on the sidewalk? Right! This is why councilmembers Charles Allen and Mary Cheh, who are bringing you Outdoor Dining: The Experience, are also trying to fight for Outdoors, But With Fewer Cars (featuring Brianne Nadeau). The DC Line has the letter to Mayor Bowser. THINK OF THE PHOTO OPS AND CLOSE SOME STREETS ALREADY, MAYOR.

When life hands you the ‘Rona, make… meatballs? That’s what Granville Moore’s is going with, shedding their mussels and frites image for the very-timely comfort food market, with Granville Moore’s Pasta Place. Washington City Paper

Speaking of shaking up concepts, DC Harvest is shifting things around on H Street NE with a fun concept: Brunch anytime, dinner for lunch! The full concept will be available starting this coming Monday, May 25. You can check out their menus here.

And speaking of fun things to eat, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is coming to Barracks Row! The Hill is Home

And in very, very sad news, Montmartre is gone for good. The Hill is Home

Have you filled out your census replies yet? Charles Allen tells us that Ward 6 is at 56.4% responses as of the end of last week. Do it! Click here.

And if you need to get registered to vote and all that delightful stuff, click here.

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