06 May 2020


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I’m not going to lie: Some weeks are not easy in The Hill is Home land. Between trying to homeschool, trying to make money on the side (by the way, I am doing online tarot readings for those of you who may be interested so hit me up on Instagram), trying to grocery shop without freaking out and trying to stay connected with all of you via Twitter and Instagram, I feel a little worn out. Let’s take a moment to give ourselves a pat on the back. It hasn’t been an easy two months.

Can someone check in on the Post’s Robin Givhan? Her column on the pandemic’s silence is haunting and I’m worried about her. Robin! Tweet at me, O fashionable soul! Washington Post

Guess what? It might snow this weekend! Yeah…!? This tweet from the Capital Weather Gang put a chill in my heart, pun intended:

The 17-year cicadas are due back this year. This one is Brood IX. Woo. BGR You know, cicadas are a low carb, gluten-free food. Here are some recipes if you are in homesteading mode. It’ll make a better conversation piece than your bread that didn’t quite turn out. Do it for the ‘gram! Bon Appetit

As if that were not enough, murder hornets measuring about 2″ are now in Washington state and moving east. How many plagues does that make? LiveScience

In somewhat sad news, it’s fair winds and following seas to the dispensary above Popeye’s on Barracks Row. They’ll be moving to fancier digs in Mount Vernon Square, still in Ward 6. Washington Business Journal

There was an early morning crash off Lincoln Park this past Monday and one person lost their life. Our condolences to the victim’s family. Patch

Union Station houses mostly birds and possibly ghosts these days. I miss it dearly. DCist

This sweet capture from @DCsignsofresistance made me happy. Thank you for tagging #thehillishome. We are in this together, and it couldn’t be in a better neighborhood.

Okay. We need something uplifting STAT. Good thing NBC-4‘s Jackie Bensen did this lovely segment on our friends at Hill’s Kitchen, East City Books, Labyrinth and Mr. Henry’s. Get a burger, a pie dish, a board game and a good trashy read, and support some of our beloveds.

These times call for patience with oneself and others, flexibility, and plenty of creativity. This is why there is no time like the present to start a new business or open a new restaurant. A nice piece from Inside Hook on Call Your Mother’s Capitol Hill location and a handful of other businesses.

And hey! The planes flew over DC this weekend! I know that seeing the Blue Angels flying over does not in any way bring back our dead or take care of our massive inequalities, but watching Staff Sargeant Cory Bush’s footage from his F-16 made me misty-eyed for this lovely city and for the little moments of beauty we are afforded, however fleeting. DVIDS 

Have you filled out the ReOpenDC survey? What are you waiting for? It’ll be something to do.

There is a primary election coming up June 2 and we can vote by mail. Make sure you register 21 days before the election. DCVote

And if you haven’t, make sure you fill out the census. It’s important to be counted– the work that the US Census Bureau does is impressive and far reaching, not just during a census year but all year round. Go here: Census.gov

Parting thoughts: Spend some time with this thoughtfully made multimedia piece about what it’s like to ride the W8 bus route when places like a bus may mean contracting a novel and potentially deadly disease. Washington Post

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