18 Mar 2020


Think you’re sick? Slow down and read this

The Executive Office of the Mayor just held a community leaders’ phone call and out of all the resources they shared, the most valuable piece of advice, and one I wish I could find a direct link for all of you is this:

Breathe in and out and keep tagging us on Instagram. Gorgeous photo by reader @rapollock

According to one of the speakers in the panel — Dr. Nesbit?– many primary care providers were misinformed about the necessary elements to safely provide COVID-19 tests. There was some confusion as to whether things such as N95 masks were necessary, for instance. However, the requirements for administering a COVID-19 test are what a doctor’s office already has in place for STD testing, surgical masks included. This means that any doctor’s office in the District should be well equipped to handle it. Call your primary care provider so they know ahead of time that you are coming — especially if you are displaying symptoms. COVID-19 is serious but it is not an emergency: Please DO NOT overwhelm the ERs with non-emergencies. You can read the symptoms and what to expect over at the District’s Coronavirus site. This link in particular should be helpful when you’re trying to decide whether to go to the Emergency Room or not.

P.S.: Are you in construction or do you own a construction company? If so, please email Disch8@gmail.com if you have extra N95 masks or any masks you can donate to hospitals. Masks are starting to run out in areas harder hit, so please: anything you can do to help our health care system is appreciated.

P.P.S: Wondering why we should be washing our hands so well? This Vox video made by my good friend Madeline Marshall explains it in an elegant, concise way. Great teaching tool for kids.

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