24 Mar 2020


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Hey neighbors. Are you sick of your house yet? Let’s check in, okay? Leave me comments on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Tag me in your photos. We all want to see your adorable #HillHounds and #AllHillsCreatures. This is an intensely difficult time and we can use all the love and nurture possible. Incidentally, and pardon the plug, but I’ve been doing online tarot readings. If you want one, send me a DM on Instagram.

Why not play bingo with all the free..? time you have on your hands? Bingo card via @VisitWashingtonDC

This morning, my dear friend Tim Krepp’s opinion was published on the Washington Post. It narrates in painful, excruciating detail how the Coronavirus pandemic has destroyed his touring business. This pandemic looks different to different people, and his candor and despair hit close to home. As a freelance photographer and odd-job haver, I, too, have felt the pressure of life during Coronavirus.

Speaking of freelancers in pain, this story from the New York Times about a local musician is heartbreaking and timely.

But it’s not just freelancers who are hurting badly. Stores, especially those dependent on constant operation, are feeling the pressure during this time. Washington City Paper reports on how different landlords are responding to this crisis.

The service industry is hurting. Here is a centralized resource so you can help out the heart and soul of our human experience: the shared camaraderie of food, drink and friendship. serviceaid.info

Our friends at WalletHub have an informative but disturbing infographic that reveals our overall preparedness for the Coronavirus epidemic hovers around the middle of the pack. Even though we have a lot of resources and relatively few uninsured people, our public hospital system is not great. Spend some time closely reading this, as it is packed with loads of interesting/chilling information.

From now on, if you’re riding Metrobus, board from the back. More information here. WMATA

Don’t be a hoarder. Thank goodness there are people like Jose Andres among us, caring for our first responders and nurturing the community. WJLA

Just in case you haven’t been paying attention, DC is closed until 4/27. Pass it on to neighbors who may not have internet access, or who may not be as connected as we are. The DC Line

This article from The Atlantic features a little vignette from my very FaceTime-savvy son and his friends. Thank you for including us in your lovely piece, Marina! #ThisTown could use a shift from face time to FaceTime, and The Atlantic has a piece about that.

Both CHAMPS and Eastern Market Main Street have information on new legislation to help small businesses. Click through on the links to read more.

Happy first day of distance learning! If your house is anything like mine, it’s been a lot of figuring out how to connect, a lot of TURN OFF YOUR VOLUME and pleasant surprises at the ingenuity and resilience of teachers and students. If you need a resource to talk to your children about the Coronavirus, DCPS sent this link from the National Association of School Psychologists. My additional $0.02? Don’t be afraid to tell your kids you’re afraid. Display the qualities you wish those in authority would display, and hang in there.

Amazingly, life is still going on all around us, and that includes burglaries. Patch

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