28 Jan 2020


Hill Buzz

@theCharlieRocket bringing the adorableness to our newest favorite meme. Thank you for sharing this much CUTE with us!

Hey there, Capitol Hill! May we all have the confidence and sheer cojones of a Jack Evans, who resigned from the DC Council and whose last day was January 17 and who is, and I kid you not, RUNNING FOR DC COUNCIL….. TO FILL THE SEAT HE LEFT VACANT. Yes, you read that right. The craziest thing is that he might just win his own seat on name recognition alone. I need some smelling salts, y’all. Washington Post

(P.S.: Hey, Ward 2! Do you read us? Here’s a list of candidates running to fill your councilmember seat. Thanks GW Hatchet!)

In more locally indignant news, PoPVille showcased a sign outside Barrel, which rubbed many folks the wrong way. The offending thought has since been taken down and Barrel apologized. The sign read,

When a man can’t support the child, he goes to jail. When a woman can’t support the child, she gets welfare. #Hmmm????

Normally, Barrel’s signs are clever and provocative, and we’ve featured their witticisms on more than one occasion on our Instagram stories (do you follow us there?). However, this particular quote, in addition to being unnecessarily reductive, seems to shame women of lesser means in particular. Considering the writing has a female bent, it puts us in mind of a sisterhood that does not help build up but instead tears women down. Glad to hear you’ll be doing better, #BarrelSign. We don’t need that kind of toxic femininity in our midst.

The brown bat WILL become our official mammal, if local Girl Scouts have anything to do with it. It’s a perfect fit for DC: Who hasn’t been standing under a tree at sundown made more magical by the rustling of tiny bat wings, dashing off to eat mosquitoes? Go Capitol Hill Troop 44051! WAMU

The Metropolitan Police Department has updated their policy when it comes to dealing with younger people. For instance, no one under 12 will be handcuffed. You can read more here. MPD

There was a fatal stabbing on Sunday at Union Station Metro Station and thanks to the vague information from MPD, we became cognizant of the fact that even though Union Station is between 1st and 2nd Streets NE, it’s the unit block of Massachusetts Avenue NE. Confusing. Washington Post

MPD is also looking for a suspect in a shooting in the 1300 block of H Street NE. Patch

An interesting opinion about how much the restrictions around the Capitol Hill Historic District suck, in response to a Washington Post article about the solar panels that were objected to in Takoma Park. Some good points made by the author. This is a must re-read. New York Times

JDLand tidbits, and all is well. You may want to read all about the newest traffic light at New Jersey and I Streets SE, which is a great development.

In annoying news, neighbors falsely accused a black gay circuit party of “allowing sexual acts.” The party happened at RedRocks on H Street this past January 18. The Washington Blade has more details. Can we agree that jumping to conclusions and unsubstantiated rumors hurt us all, people?

Ending on an uplifting note: Look at this adorable Navy Yard doggo who was reunited with his owner. Awww! Fox-5

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