10 Dec 2019


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It was so lovely to meet several of you at last night’s Holiday Sip and Shop! Thank you all so much for reading and supporting us– and to those of you who bought a mug or a Capitol Hill bingo t-shirt, we are so grateful!

When bison decked in holiday finery show up on our feed, we do not hesitate in sharing the magnificence. Thank you for tagging this much awesome with our hashtag, #thehillishome, @BeuchertsSaloon!

What’s going on this rainy Tuesday afternoon?

Add us to the list of people who are so glad Peterbug Matthews is doing well after his heart attack this past May. Hill Rag. Don’t know who Peterbug is? Take a little time to listen to or read his entry in the Capitol Hill History Project.

If you’re a runner and you love helping people find purpose through running, the H Street Runners’ Ugly Sweater Run is the event for you. TONIGHT at 6:45 p.m. in front of Duffy’s, 1016 H Street NE, meet fellow runners for athleticism, tackiness and merriment. More info here.

Larry has information on upcoming ANC and Eastern Market Metro Park meetings. Plan on attending and bring a comfy cushion if you do. Capitol Hill Corner

Yes, that’s me taking a selfie at The Eastern, predicting this fluffy honor. You may have seen it in our Instagram stories back in July. Do you follow us on Instagram? We’re fun!

Here’s the fluffiest of fluff, courtesy of Eater: Which bathrooms in DC are best for taking selfies? In our area, that happens to be Little Pearl (obviously), The Eastern and Toki Underground. Oh, and CoConut Club, which is in Ivy City but which we’ll go ahead and count. Conspicuously absent from this list are the bathrooms at A Rake’s Progress, which are really quite pretty.

In mildly creepy/voyeuristic news, Washingtonian rounds up the 7 most notable homes sold this month. Congratulations on your move, Charles Allen!

Actress Kazi Jones’s Dream Day in DC features an Eastern Market weekend feel, a visit to Kingman Island AND a nightcap at the Queen Vic, and we most definitely stan her choices. Washington Post

Sure, it’s only December 10, but you’re already starting to think about where to spend New Year’s Eve. Our friend Barred in DC has you covered in that regard, but make sure you also check our wonderful sponsor, Mr. Henry’s, for an unforgettable, jazz-filled NYE.

If you’re already dreading young holiday visitors and/or your own children are driving you nuts, our friend Linda over at Kid Friendly DC has some great options for you. Many are off-Hill, but some are right in our own backyard.

Sure, it’s wishful thinking but sometimes wishing and dreaming can bring about change. It’s better than doing nothing. So take a stroll down to the wishing well with Greater Greater Washington and dream of a Metro downtown loop or a silver line that arcs back toward DC in the north, serving communities in northeast DC.

Megrolls is here, in the former Shawafel space. Some people in our twitter feed were very excited, while others lamented Shawafel dearly. Where do you all stand? PoPVille

Dwell DC, an off-the-grid venue just north of H Street NE, was recently shut down by DCRA. It would be a pity to see such a cool, boundary-challenging gathering place shut down completely and I hope they are able to reopen. DCist

If your child was killed by DC police, you may be able to get body camera footage if a piece of legislation goes through.

If Arby’s got the meats, then JDLand‘s got the tidbits. ABC Pony is open, and much more.

Speaking of, here’s DCist‘s first look at the eatery. It honestly sounds lovely, but what unexpectedly kicked me in the gut was the address: 2 I Street SE. For those of you who never dine on Scottish cuisine, you may not immediately tear up and think about the nice, unassuming McDonald’s that used to be there for a long, long while. It’s not exactly auld lang syne, but for some reason, this change is going to take a while not to make us emotional. A big thank you to JDLand, for being our photographic collective memory.

I refuse to leave on a note where I’m sentimental about crappy fast food, so you should know about the Harlow, a new building that basically exploded overnight over at 11000 2nd Place SE. Yay, mixed use buildings! Yay, homes for the Capper seniors! Washington Post

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