05 Nov 2019


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I hope you’ve all been able to recover from the weekend celebrations. I’ve been trying to recover from some mystery pain, which is truly a metaphor for the world in which we live. Let us now stand victorious, Titanic style, and have a powerful man grope us from behind in celebration… or just take a look at what’s been going on this week.

Longer nights and shorter days are beautiful with outdoor lighting like the one in the Surroundings/Wine and Butter gazebo. Lovely capture from @KatrinaMarie8 via Instagram

Okay, a quickie paragraph about the celebrations: First up, a heartwarming series of vignettes from the victory parade that is sure to make you AWWWW. (Washington Post) The follow-up is not in the same vein: This guy had some choice words to describe someone in this hilarious-to-some (many?) broadcast on Fox-5. If you don’t want unfiltered answers, how about not hanging out with drunk, giddy people? Just saying. Washington Examiner

Oh yes. The Nats may have lost those three games last week, but let’s just say the city was a big winner. WUSA breaks down the number$$$.

The corner building anchoring the southwest corner of 8th and H Streets NE is up for sale, according to PoPVille. The current tenants in the two-story building are 7-Eleven, Smile Center Dental Group and Wilson-Epes printing. Here’s hoping that the sale doesn’t disrupt the present tenants very much, especially Wilson-Epes: Thank you for printing that one HUGE poster for my younger kid’s auction project a couple years ago– forever grateful!

Also via PoPVille, (hey, readers, how about sending US tips?) Mekki NYC, a Moroccan restaurant from some city, is coming to the former Las Placitas space on 8th and E Streets SE. I guess the Matchbox expansion never happened.

Speaking of new businesses, MADabolic has come to 2nd and G Streets NE, in the Station House building and across from Kaiser Permanente. I have to confess that the name doesn’t exactly put me at ease, but maybe I’m just a weenie. I do like the concept of punching bags, though. Also, wait… wasn’t Nuboxx there for a hot minute? Hoodline

In heart-warming news making us crave pizza, a partnership between Lyft and Uber offering a $4.50 flat-fee ride to government workers between 11 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings is “at capacity,” whatever that means– but sounds good! (Washington Business Journal) The pilot program kicked off officially on October 23 and will last three months. Restaurant Dive

In related news, send &pizza. Please.

JDLand has exciting renderings of the traffic oval taking shape at the foot of the Frederick Douglass bridge. The oval will bring together the intersection of the bridge, Potomac Avenue SE and South Capitol Street, and it looks really rather darling.

In deeply depressing but not surprising news, Greater Greater Washington shares a new map from a history project called Prologue DC. The map chronicles non-white households from the 1940s through the 1970s, as well as highlighting “restricted areas” where only whites were allowed to live. The example of the Ellen Wilson Dwellings (400 block of G Street SE) on Capitol Hill is particularly sad yet telling.

Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen was on the WAMU Politics Hour this past Friday and you may want to listen to what he had to say.

Despite peppering the article’s introduction with more than a few backhanded compliments, the New York Times managed to write something honestly nice about our restaurant scene. Kudos to Maketto’s nod!

Hey! Congratulations to DC Access on 20 years of bringing affordable and reliable internet to DC! CM Elissa Sliverman on Twitter

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