08 Oct 2019


Hill Buzz

Good evening, Capitol Hill! Is it finally starting to truly feel like fall, or are we so tired of summer that this clammy/cold combo is cutting it? Don’t overthink it: Let’s catch up on news instead!

The front bar at Emilie’s. Photo by Maria Helena Carey

Let’s reminisce about last week’s power outages with the Patch. Let’s note that Pepco still has not provided a good enough answer as to why they keep happening, although WTOP reported that they’ll be checking 650 miles of power lines with infrared cameras and helicopters. Look, Pepco– clearly it’s something beyond your control because NO ONE wants to fail at their job repeatedly, but do you think we could have a little transparency? Does it have to do with the increased population in the area or is it some rats chewing through wires? Anything? Bueller?

By now, you’ve been hit with pre-previews of Emilie –including over on Instagram/Facebook stories by yours truly– but here’s one more from Washingtonian. Emilie’s opens on Thursday and it’s all booked up for day one, but you can still get walk-up space at one of their two beautiful bars. Get it, fam!

Well, we all have to shop for impossibly cool clothes somewhere, so it may as well be…. uh, Somewhere. DCist

The Haines building up for sale and we are wondering where all the tenants will go. Thank you for linking back to our post on the Haines’ building history, WTOP!

Any Dream Day that features Horace and Dickies’ fish sandwiches is copying from our dream day and therefore needs to be shared. Washington Post

We all benefit from having neighbors who live in their homes. Letting lobbyists and fundraisers use residential buildings for commercial purposes is not a good neighborly practice. Roll Call

If you haven’t read up on the Grateful Joe story just yet, grab a hanky. We’re glad you’re okay, Joe! WTOP

Bisnow takes a look at how the ballpark area has changed since the last time we were collectively biting our nails and freaking out about the Nationals. I mean, since we last were in the playoffs. Let’s just say royal blue is dead to me these days.

The Outsider apparently really remained on the outside. Fair winds and following seas to you! Eater

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