27 Aug 2019

Capitol Hill:

Ringing the Bells in Lincoln Park

On August 25, a commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the first enslaved Africans being brought to the New World was held in Lincoln Park, along as other parks around the country. (RSP)
The idea was that each place would separately ring bells for four minutes, one minute for each century since that ignoble first moment. (RSP)
First, however, a teacher from DC Strings performed a number of pieces related to the African American experience. (RSP)
The, the bells were handed out (RSP)
And the ringing began (RSP)
Afterwards, Ranger Vince Vaise gave a tour of Lincoln Park, mainly concerning four African Americans who were related to the park in some way: Archer Alexander, who modeled the freed man in the Lincoln statue, Frederick Douglass, who gave the main speech at the Lincoln statue’s unveiling… (RSP)
…Mary McLeod Bethune, whose statue graces the other end of Lincoln Park, and Hilyard Robinson, who redesigned the park to add the Bethune statue. (RSP)

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