22 Apr 2019


East Capitol Bridge Getting Car-Focused Rehab

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East Capitol Bridge Getting Car-Focused Rehab

On Thursday, DDOT presented project plans for their revitalization of the East Capitol Street Bridge, from RFK Stadium to I-295 across the Anacostia River and Kingman Lake. The rehabilitation, which has already begun, will upgrade support structures in the two bridges that support what appears at surface level to be a single bridge. The project will widen the North and South sidewalks to 6 feet and change, plus create a connection to the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail with a looping sidewalk continuing clockwise around and under the bridge to the shore. [Full Story]

Research: Driving Uber is not a Good Job

This week, Dr. Katie J. Wells, PhD and fellow researchers at Georgetown presented results of a qualitative study reviewing the work experiences of 40 Uber drivers in DC. This thorough qualitative analysis showed poor uncertain working conditions. Ms. Wells research questions the value of UberLyft’s promise of a flexible job, when even successful drivers won’t make minimum wage after calculating expenses. [Full Story]

Maryland’s Highway Forums Being Held Away from Transit

All eight of Maryland’s public hearings on the state’s highway widening plan are being held far away from public transit. Even if you include bus routes, there’s a 30 minute to 1-hour ride with a transfer from the nearest Metrorail station. A woman rode three buses to get to the Landover hearing I covered. [Full Story]

New Design for Dupont North/South Cycletrack

DDOT presented an updated plan for the North/South protected bike route they want to build from the National Mall to Northwest of Dupont Circle via the West End. The new design takes 20th NW up to one-way F or G Streets NW, where users will jog East or West in one-way protected bike lanes, and take 20th North all the way to the Connecticut junction, soon to be a public park. [Full Story]

UberLyft Complaints Are Clunky

The subset of people who will stop and complain about For-Hire Vehicle behavior is small, and a two-step verification scheme for complaints makes the chore more laborious. At the very least, the public would benefit from a smoother process between the companies and DFHV, with complaint resolutions that track back to the original notifications. [Full Story]

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