19 Feb 2019


Getting to Know Your ANC Commissioners: ANC 6B

ANC 6B map courtesy of anc6b.org

Hey, neighbor! Do you live south of East Capitol Street, east of South Capitol Street, west of 19th Street and north of 695 until 7th Street SE, M Street SE through 11th Street SE and then the Anacostia river? Then you are most likely a resident of ANC 6B! You can find the ANC 6B website by clicking here. In the site, you will find a version of the map above, as well as a list of commissioners, agendas, minutes, audio and reports and other information that pertains to your Advisory Neighborhood Commission. 

I sent a short set of questions to each ANC commissioner in 6A-6D, plus commissioners in 5D and 7D, and they were gracious enough to send in replies so you can get to know your part of the neighborhood better. I introduced this series back in this post.

We know our ANC commissioners are a busy bunch, so we’ll update this post as they send in their answers.


Name: Jennifer Samolyk


Name: Gerald Sroufe


Name: Brian Ready


Name: Kirsten Oldenburg


Name: Steve Holtzman


Name: Corey Holman

Years you’ve served as ANC commissioner:First year, though I served two years on ANC 6B’s Transportation Committee 

Most recognizable landmark(s) in your SMD: E Street Construction Mania for the rest of the year; otherwise Watkins and Payne Elementary School and the Potomac Avenue Metro Station. 

Biggest issue(s) in your SMD:  Pennsylvania/Potomac Ave intersection redesign

Strangest thing that you’ve encountered as an ANC commissioner: My frame of reference is short, but [it was weird] when DGS tried to close Eastern Market Metro Park meetings to the public. In what world was this ever going to fly?

Something satisfying about being an ANC: When you can leverage your knowledge and connections to help a constituent navigate the city bureaucracy quickly and with a satisfactory resolution. 

Best way to get in touch with you:  Email (6B06@anc.dc.gov) or call/text 301-664-4132 or just stop the weird guy on his bike taking pictures of trees or parked cars or construction in the morning before work, it’s likely me. 


Name: Kelly Waud


Name: Chander Jayaraman

Years you’ve served as ANC commissioner:I have served on the ANC for 6 years and starting my 4th term. 

Most recognizable landmark(s) in your SMD: Holy Comforter Saint Cyprian Roman Catholic Church on East Capitol Street.  The parish can trace its beginnings to two distinct churches–Saint Cyprian which was established in 1893 and Holy Comforter which was established in 1904.  Both parishes were merged in 1966 and continues to exist as one parish community serving the Capitol Hill community for over 125 years.

Biggest issue(s) in your SMD:  Crime such as robbery and theft and trash.

Strangest thing that you’ve encountered as an ANC commissioner: 

Something satisfying about being an ANC:Helping my constituents and neighbors in getting results from District agencies and getting to know the diverse population who live in my SMD.

Best way to get in touch with you:   6b08@anc.dc.gov


Name: Kasie Clark

Years you’ve served as ANC commissioner: This is my first year as a Commissioner

Most recognizable landmark(s) in your SMD: Congressional Cemetery

Biggest issue(s) in your SMD: Reservation 13, Barney Circle

Strangest thing that you’ve encountered as an ANC commissioner: 

The previous commissioner brought a bullet proof vest to a full ANC meeting to solidify a point (in a hilarious and effective way!)

Something satisfying about being an ANC: It is great to get to know my neighbors. As a former teacher, I was used to being involved with my community. As a commissioner, I interact with members of the community daily!

Best way to get in touch with you:  6b09@anc.dc.gov


Name: Denise Krepp

Years you’ve served as ANC commissioner: 4

Most recognizable landmark(s) in your SMD: No major landmarks, but we are part of the original L’Enfant plan.

Biggest issue(s) in your SMD: Future of Reservation 13 and RFK.  I’ve spent the past four years making sure that Mayor Bowser does not give RFK Stadium to Dan Snyder and the Redskins.

Strangest thing that you’ve encountered as an ANC commissioner: A turtle crawling done A Street SE. I’ve seen lots of birds, cats, and rats, but I never expected to see a turtle.

Something satisfying about being an ANC:Helping people find a solution to their problem.

Best way to get in touch with you:  6B10@anc.dc.gov or 202 546 2533

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