08 Jan 2019


Where Will Right Turns Be Banned on Red on the Hill? Eastern Market Main Street to the Rescue!

Perhaps you saw the item on last week’s Hill Buzz regarding where the District will enforce no right turns on a red light and hardening of left-hand turns. We shared WTOP’s link, who shared a districtwide breakdown, ward by ward taken directly from the DDOT press release. The intersections in Ward 6 that will become “No turn on red” intersections are as follows:

Ward 6

  • 1st and K streets NE
  • 1st Street and New York Avenue and O Street NE
  • 1st and M streets SW
  • 7th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue SE
  • 11th Street and E Street and Pennsylvania Avenue SE
  • H and 2nd streets NW
  • I and 6th streets SW
  • M and 1st streets SE
  • M and 3rd streets SE
  • R and 7th streets NW
  • Constitution Avenue and 13th Street and Tennessee Avenue NE
  • Independence Avenue and 19th Street and Independence Avenue SE Service Road
  • Interstate 395 and 4th Street and New York Avenue NW
  • Kentucky Avenue and 13th Street and Independence Avenue SE
  • Marion Street and R Street and Rhode Island Avenue NW
  • Maryland Avenue and 15th Street and Benning Road and Bladensburg Road and H Street NE
  • New Jersey Avenue and D Street NW
  • North Capitol Street and H Street NW and H Street NE
  • North Capitol Street and New York Avenue NW and N Street NE and New York Avenue NE
  • Potomac Avenue SE and Potomac Avenue SW and South Capitol Street
  • Washington Avenue and 1st Street and C Street SW

The image above is a small part of the larger map which you can see and click on below:

We don’t know about you, but even though a list is a fine place to see things, you don’t really visualize where things are until you see them on a map. Enter Eastern Market Main Street, who shared the map you see on the right via Twitter, highlighting the intersections in our immediate area that will see the change in law, as well as the map above. Thank you for sharing this!

Don’t worry– enforcement won’t be official until later in the year, and you have until February 5, 2019 to comment on these proposed changes. Where can you comment, you ask? Apparently, the only way you may submit your opinion is by writing to DDOT directly to the following address:

District Department of Transportation
Transportation Operations Administration
55 M Street, SE, 6th Floor
Washington, DC 20003

Get your quills and parchment out and tell DDOT this is an excellent idea. (Unless there are some savvy readers who can find out where you can comment electronically, that is)  A BIG thank you to DDOT, for letting me know you can comment electronically by writing to vision.zero@dc.gov. Yay, technology!!!


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