12 Jan 2019


Vote for Your Favorite Place Under 40 in this Beautiful List

Photo of the National Gallery of Art, East Wing, courtesy of the National Trust for Historic Preservation

Our friends over at the National Trust for Historic Preservation want you to vote for your favorite American places that have been established less than 40 years ago. Take some time to click through this gorgeous collection of monuments, museums, buildings, plazas, parks, memorials and…. rows of antennas (?), and remember that this beautiful country of ours is greater than the sum of its parts. While you’re at it, vote for the local kids over at the National Mall, will ya?

Vote 40 Favorite Places Under 40

In order to vote, you do need to give the National Trust your email, but I can vouch for them: They are not spammy at all, and you can opt out of receiving emails from them. If you do opt in, you will love clicking through all the gorgeous content. And no, they have not paid me one red cent to tell you about this– I really just enjoy their emails and think you will, too. (Good job, team!)

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