22 Oct 2018

Election 2018:

ANC Candidate Statements: Tamara Blair 7D01

Photo courtesy of Tamara Blair

The Hill is Home is sharing the statements of ANC candidates in our general region. Although the main focus of our blog is Capitol Hill –served by ANCs 6A through 6C– we feel that a community is made stronger by the neighbors with whom we share a close geographical area. We are honored to share candidate statements from neighbors from Ivy City to Navy Yard, with minor style edits. To all of you who are running: Thank you. –Maria Helena Carey and Kate McFadden

I am running for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, because I have a vision for my Single Member District (SMD) as one in which the residents have improved relationships with each other leading to regular exchange of ideas and information as we seek out solutions together to increase the quality of life in our community.

I am completing my third consecutive term as an elected civic association board member. I’m experienced at successfully and professionally representing the interests of others in a variety of environments locally and globally in my career. I have a unique combination of transferable skills perfected over a 20+ year career in federal law enforcement. I’m experienced in communicating across cultural boundaries, business negotiations, strategic planning, contingency planning, negotiating, advocating, managing resources, and problem resolution. This practiced skill set is rarely seen in a candidate. The time I can devote to my community does not come second to the demands of employment or other responsibilities. My career is complete. This means I have the availability to advocate for my SMD anytime and anyplace seven days a week. I have the necessary knowledge of advocacy types, associated methods, and when to use them. I focus on building relationships at all levels for the purpose of moving forward for the greatest possibility of improving my community. In addition, I am a lifelong learner, having earned several certifications over the years since earning a Bachelor of Science degree. While employed full-time in federal law enforcement I earned a Master of Science degree in Management from Johns Hopkins University. This achievement is a testament to my ability to set goals, manage priorities, and maintain persistence in spite of challenges. These are all reasons why I am the best choice to represent my SMD.

Following is a sample of established relationships and active efforts to build better a community in 2018: Neighbor t0 Neighbor –hosted events in my home to introduce neighbors to neighbors. Business Development and Engagement – initiated mutually beneficial relationship with EventsDC to promote Summer Movie Series which is scheduled to return in 2019. Civic Association – advocated for inclusion of input from both civic associations regarding historic preservation guidelines. ANC – developed a working relationship with current commissioners and candidates to share ideas and resources for the advancement of our individual SMDs. Councilmembers – met with both CM Vincent Gray and CM Kenyan McDuffie individually to advocate for legislative considerations, economic and business development, and individual residents’ concerns. Small Business Relations – shared information with local businesses regarding available financial resources to improve and further development.

Feel free to contact me: (202) 399-1238, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

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